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  1. @IzidoroI don't have setting specific to f1 2020 but these are the global settings I have set in GHUB for all my racing games including AC, ACC, F1 Wreckfest and Dirt.In the F1 Settings, the only other setting not shown is under Calibration i have saturation set to 100% Hope this helps.
  2. I use this wheel on PC and I have no issues. I get lots of force feedback on and off the track. The G29 is literally the most popular wheel on the market, if you're having issues, make sure that the firmware is up to date. also make sure the wheel is plugged in directly to the USB on the Mobo and not through a hub. In F1 2020 make sure you've also turned up the force feedback. Hit me up if it's still not working i could post a screen shot of my settings.
  3. You make some good points, I didn't count Rosberg as a team mate as i wasn't considering his years at Mercedes and if I were, i'd say it was pretty clear that Rosberg had him beat and Hamilton for the most part had had Rosberg beat so ipso facto, he's better than micheal lol, but Micheal was also past his prime so none of that really counts. I did however forget about Piquet, but when they were team mates, Piquet was well past his prime. Ferrari had 2 pretty dominant seasons, 2002 & 2004, pretty close to the dominance of Mercedes, in just those two seasons he had 24 wins and a total o
  4. I think, even if you don't look at wins, poles, hat tricks, Lewis is on top. Ok yes Schumi started in more races, but to say that Lewis had a race winning car each year would suggest that both drivers on the team won at least 1 race and it was not the talent of the driver dragging the car to victory. Eg. in 2009 Ham won 2 races, his team mate none. Heikki was a highly rated driver in a top team and only scored 22 points all year. Even Sergio Perez who only lasted one year at Mclaren scored 49 points. I know the points were weighted differently but Sergio at least finished the year in the top 1
  5. So when you grow up racing in real cars, whether it be karting or full on cars, you learn to drive by feeling. You feel the loss of grip, you feel the g's as you rotate, break and accelerate, plus you learn to use your peripheral vision alot more to convey vehicle placement. When you lose all that input, you have to rely on just your forward vision, and the feedback that the steering wheel provides. You lose alot of information and that will effect your ability to drive at the same level. So unless you invest the hours in, you will be alot slower as you have to essentially learn to drive in a
  6. I agree with everything @Exasperated has said. Also you can level up you driver in the contract screen and you can reduce engine wear by 20% i think when you reach level 3, that will help with that. I just finished my second full season and I've had a DRS failure a few times in the first year and an Engine failure as i pushed switching out my ICE for too long and it hit 100% mid race.
  7. What day of the week are you holding your races, also what time and time zone?
  8. Did you ever get this issue resolved, if not, you wanna post more information on what exactly is happening?
  9. Hey @P3T3RMGN, I'm not available but you should post more info. For eg. what Timezone are you in 7pm doesn't tell anyone much.
  10. Ok, Hear me out. I play a lot of F1 2020 and Assetto Corsa and I was thinking of starting a racing league where we race every week or every other week on a Friday and we alternate between F1, F2 and Assetto Corsa Competizione. Ideally it would be great to start with at least 10 drivers around the same skill level that could commit, posting here to gauge interest. Let me know what you think?
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