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  1. Gragooni

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    @Faya Just fix the Safety car please
  2. Gragooni

    My Career Mode Summary: Season 1

    Transfers after season 1
  3. Driver tranfsers are the best feature in this game. Only mid season transfers are stupid. Contracts should be like in F1 2017 where you cannot pick a team you want after every 4 race...
  4. Gragooni

    Scuderia Ferrari MISSION WINNOW Livery!!!!

    And it's not like real F1 races are rated 18+ because of sponsors.. And why Singha can be in the game, but Martini no't?
  5. Gragooni

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    When you get safety car after 20 months .. And btw. obviously i didn't got it, just dreaming
  6. Gragooni

    F1 2021

    Even theres some problems in the game i hope that Codemasters. EA or something else would be terrible. Codemasters have done good job with Liberty Media and F1
  7. Gragooni

    Patch 1.05. Is Safety Car working now?

    Today in my career mode Verstappen retires in last corner of Suzuka and the cars get stuck behind and guess what? Yeah no SC!!!! Seriously no fuckin safety car even after this. I'm getting so tired of this **** . I mean how this is no't safety car? how?
  8. Gragooni

    Patch 1.05. Is Safety Car working now?

    Flashbacks doesn't help either. I've tried to do that flashback glitch after cars retiring but even that doesn't work
  9. If you download 1.05 patch and save the game, it's not possible to go back anymore
  10. F1 2018 I did 4 seasons without the safety car. Now in F1 2019 one season behind and no SC. Thats over 100 races without the damn safety car!!!! 👇😠 It's starting to get really frustrating and sometimes now i even take out cars deliberately just to get safety car out, but no. No , no no and no sc! So i would like to know is this issue finally sorted with this patch (1.05) or how many races/seasons i have to do more to get the safety car? If you have watched Tiametmarduk's career mode you can see that he has the same problem @Faya I really like the game but this is annoying
  11. Somebody who already got the patch can you answer that is the Safety car working now? Or if @Faya can be so kind and give the answer for this question
  12. Gragooni

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Maybe i don't, but it's still frustrating. After that moment i took 4 cars out deliberately just to get safety car and guess what? Yeah, still no SC. I even tried that flashback glitch about 10 times...
  13. Gragooni

    Big changes needed.

    F1 2018 = Zero Safety Cars F1 2019 = Zero Safety cars I don't see how it works better this year
  14. Gragooni

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Today in my career mode a Williams retired in Hungary on the middle of the straight! MIDDLE OF THE STRAIGHT MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!!!!!!! AND THERE WAS NO SAFETY CAR. NO ******* SAFETY CAR !!!!!!!!!! CANT BELIEVE THIS ANYMORE 😠😠