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  1. RedBantha95

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    When I first understood that there would be no official career mode in F1 2015 I was wholeheartedly disappointed. But upon reflection I am not too dissatisfied with their decision to remove it if it was essentially going to be a copy of their previous career mode attempts. CM's ability to make career mode interesting has been non-existent, and despite purchasing all titles, the last full career mode season I completed was way back on F1 2011. In 3 years CM have not inspired me once to complete a full season, and subsequently I'm actually quite happy that this new Pro Season mode will effectively take on the role of career mode. Having said that, all the features of Pro Season mode could have been replicated through customised career mode settings, so I don't understand why all other combinations of settings aren't allowed. It's very restrictive and for a series that has been so pro-arcade it's a little bit baffling.  I will mainly be purchasing the game for the purpose of online league racing though.
  2. RedBantha95

    Will a June release help sales

    I don't think it would hurt sales by releasing in June. Some good reasons have been mentioned as to why this would be the case, but also the game will be relevant for longer. One of the most annoying things about the release dates of previous F1 games is that the season is so close to finishing that the cars and even drivers become out of date very quickly. At least I will have time to play it over the summer too. The previous release dates always coincided with going back to school/college/university. Having just started my first year at university in September this was particularly problematic with F1 2014 and I've barely had time to play it.
  3. I think the podium cinematic's could get old fairly quickly. CMs previous animations of  driver's celebrating when getting out of the car got boring very soon as it was always the same thing happening. If the podiums looked different then perhaps there would be an element of interest, however, since F1 has decided to implement the same generic podium across all the circuits on the calendar, with the exception of Monaco, I feel it could get tiresome early on.
  4. I really like your idea regarding the engineer and the D-Pad. To have that many options available would be fantastic. As you say, there are now some restrictions as to what can and can't be said over team radio but I think it's a feature that would make the game much more personal.
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  7. RedBantha95

    Practicing for Online

    I'd imagine it's the Mercedes which is closest in performance to the online equal setting.  I also totally agree with FS7, the online sophistication of GT5/6 is much beyond CMs F1 games. Having the option to practice online would be really useful, especially for league racers. Instead you have to make do with constantly restarting 15 minute qualifying sessions so you can simulate the tyres and car performance properly, which is annoying.
  8. Wasn't the attendance for the 2014 German Grand Prix actually quite low?  It would be a neat feature if CM were able to put all the circuits they've had in their previous games onto the next instalment as bonus material, this way we could get to race at both the Hockenheimring and the Nurburgring.
  9. RedBantha95

    What's Your Favourite F1 Game?

    I'll second what PeteTheDuck has said, for me F1 2010 has been CM's best F1 game to date. I wouldn't call it revolutionary, but it had a lot of cool features, such as the dynamic weather system and varying AI strategies. The 'live the life' concept was also new and it was fun to answer questions to the journalists. Continuing this theme throughout the game menus was also refreshing as it was more interesting than a generic text and image menu.  F1 2010 was the only F1 game I bothered to collect the trophies in and it was where I experienced the most entertaining league racing I've ever had. Even though the handling was not quite right, the quality of the rest of the game was enough for me to discount that as a major flaw. It surpassed expectations and I think this built up the potential CM could achieve in future games. There have been good features from 2011-2014, for example the addition of the safety car and I really enjoy the handling of the 2014 model, but 2010 offered a racing experience that to me is undeniably better than any of its successors.
  10. RedBantha95

    F1 community gone quiet

    I feel almost identical to the OP. I was a very active and frequent poster in the first guise of CM's forums, and in the same way as the OP I was also getting an extra buzz from the forum activity in the lead up to F1 2010. In fact, I was experiencing this buzz on the forums when the biggest F1 game at the time was still F1 CE.  There were a lot of great characters on the old forum, and new posts were so much more frequent than they are nowadays. Only the other day I made my first post here in about a year, despite visiting regularly, in a bid to try and recapture that buzz surrounding the community nature, but it really is flat. I think this could be for multiple reasons. Firstly, as has already been said there has been a shift in management at CM. Also, when CM first got the license and announced that F1 2010 was going to be released on PS3 & XBox 360, it was a big deal because the latest F1 game on the market was based on the 2006 season, so it gained a lot of attraction. You also sense there was that fresh motivation amongst the CM staff, which may have been lost over time if you look at the lack of enthusiasm which goes into their current advertisement campaigns.  Another factor contributing to the quieter forums is probably due to the formation of many racing leagues. Many, if not all, racing leagues have their own forums and posting on private sites helps develop their own sense of community. Having been part of a few racing leagues I can say that once I became comfortable with the people on those forums my posting certainly shifted more heavily towards them, and further from the CM forums.  It would be nice to experience that extra bit of excitement the forums could once offer, but I don't feel it will happen based on the development of private racing leagues and the hole CM have dug themselves through lack of marketing.
  11. The problem with CMs recent F1 games when it comes to single player modes is that it is so obvious the AI are programmed and computer controlled. This sounds like, and is, an obvious statement, because of course the AI is programmed, however my point is that a good, well-developed game will make playing against a human and a computer as seamless as possible, to the point that the player experiences no difference between the AI and other human players. This is why F1 2014 fails to deliver a realistic experience because the AI do not operate in a way us players can, as shown through the examples the OP had listed amongst other things. Essentially, the AI needs a lot of improvement so that they match the "performance" of humans far better than they currently do. Understandably there will always be a degree of robotics when it comes to the AI, but with the technology and the experience CM have of making F1 games, the AI simply aren't good enough in 2014. 
  12. RedBantha95

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    These are some of the things I'd like to see in F1 2015: 1. Better AI - The AI, although a little improved for 2014, are still incredibly poor. They seldom overtake, are too slow on the opening lap and make strange decisions under braking when you're in close proximity. 2. More Immersive Career Mode - Career mode is generally my favourite game mode on any game that I own where the option is available, yet this cannot be said of CM's recent F1 games. It is so bland, uninspiring and I don't feel the temptation to go and play it any time soon. Some good ideas have been suggested such as bringing back the interviews (Why were these taken out in the first place?), and maybe having more focus on the team rather than just driving for yourself. 3. Implement a Pre-Season Test - I personally would have found this really useful if it was in F1 2014 because the handling was so much different and I would have been able to drive for the team I'd just signed for, for as many laps as I needed to feel comfortable. There could be some objectives put in here, but even a 'free run' style mode would be good. 4. Better R&D Objectives - The current ones are terrible. They are too easy and how on earth can a single lap be considered reliable data? 5. Bring Back FP1 & FP2 - If FP3 is wet, you get no dry running. Again, these sessions were optional in 2010-2012 so why were they taken out? Could be used for multiple R&D objectives and fine tuning the setup. 6. Better/More Advanced Setups - 5 games in and CM are still using exactly the same setup screen but even then, the changes which are made to the setup have never been consistent across all the games. I'm not asking for a sim style setup screen, just something which allows for a bit more precision. I'd also like to see the default settings remain consistent across all circuits - At the moment, 6/6 wings at Monaco is not the same as 6/6 wings at Monza, for example. This really frustrates me. 7. Better Menus and Career Hub - This is probably more a subjective view, but I find the menus incredibly bland and not very interesting. The Career Mode hub is also really basic. The emails you receive aren't interesting because they are basically repetitions and the circuit information emails do not provide much information about the circuit. Perhaps a suggested setup path could be attached to the email. Also why must my NAME always be written in capitals? It stands out and looks poor. In the standings section, perhaps when you click on a driver you can see their results across the season, and even give them a profile to read their stats. 8. More than 1 Career Save - I would like to see multiple career mode saves possible. I don't like that you have to have a single career mode because it is very restrictive. 9. A More Intelligent Race Engineer - After 5 years of programming and this guy still lacks basic intelligence? Telling me I was very slow on the last lap when I'd just made a pitstop is kind of expected. Tell me something I don't know and might need to know, for example the gap to the cars I'm racing. 10. More In Car Controls - Having things like a differential setting would be very cool as it would give more flexibility to the driver. CM shouldn't leave it out because the word differential looks scary to F1 newcomers, instead they should embrace the technicalities, since F1 is technical, and put a tutorial (Maybe in the pre-season test?) to demonstrate how it works. For each circuit, details of what differential, what brake bias etc could be put inside the circuit guide placed in the career mode emails I was talking about earlier. I'll be amazed if any of these things actually make it into F1 2015 because most of them have been asked for from F1 2011 onwards. I could have mentioned other things too like a formation lap, podium etc but these 10 things are my most wanted features. Even if one of them does get into 2015, I imagine CM will take it out for F1 2016 anyway. The only ground-breaking thing I can really think of CM putting in which was asked for by the community is the safety car.
  13. Hi everybody, I realise that F1 2013 is reaching the end of its lifespan, what with F1 2014/15 being announced not long ago, but I am here to advertise a racing league to round off the F1 2013 era. Here are the essentials: Race Day: SaturdayPlatform: PS3Time: 21:00 BST (9 O'Clock UK Time)Distance: 50% At the moment we are running short on members and it would be fantastic to have some more onboard to finish off F1 2013 and join us for future F1 games. If you are interested please check out this link: http://www.precisionracingleague.com/ocp/forum/index.php?page=forumview&id=european-championships%2F-epsc-european-ps3_2 At the moment, we are simply looking for committed members for our 1st League. Any ability in terms of speed is fine. It is requested that all new members familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations and become an active member on the forum. There are plenty of seats available, hopefully you can be the driver to fill one of them!  If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or contact me on PRL via the username SHFire.