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  1. True. However, I'm way better using the shifter and it says on the website that the game supports the shifter, so at least I want to try driving with it.
  2. I have an issue with the G29 Force Shifter. The game, technically recognises the Shifter and the correct gears in the control settings, however, I'm just not able to use it. The only way I can change gears is by using the shift pedals, thus it's not necesarry to use the clutch to change gears. I've just bought the Force Shifter in order to use the clutch properly and it does work in other games like Forza Horizon too, so it's definetly functioning.
  3. Hope you can help me with this issue. Yesterday, I started a private multiplayer season with my friend and we drove the first few races, but after leaving the session we weren't able to rejoin. Apparently, the session was deleted. We tried doing it again, however, we have no clue how to save these private sessions. In F1 2018 we used to just leave the session and later on load it again. We were wondering if this was a bug, if we are just stupid or if Codemasters have removed this feature (which we can't really imagine). It'd be nice if any of you helped us with this problem. Thanks for your help!