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  1. Loading/editing a setup from the garage is a good example. The background is dark and the text white in full HDR peak brightness, it's actually hard to read without squinting.
  2. Just wanted to share this since I recently got a new TV and got to experience F1 2020 in HDR for the first time. While the on-track gameplay looks great in HDR, the menus/text are often a pure white against a dark background. This normally isn't an issue in SDR, but with HDR the text is displayed at maximum brightness (you can't change this on the TV as it reduces the HDR effect during gameplay) and things like the setup/garage screen text become painful to read and very eye straining. Other games seem to manage this better by taking the HDR into account for the menu design, so I wa
  3. Here's my season 2 title challenger, quite happy with how it turned out:
  4. On PS4, I haven't seen a single SC or virtual SC after the first 13 races (all +25%). Many races warranted one with broken down cars standing on/by the track for over a lap.
  5. On PS4 I had the same issue today on my second race in My Team version 1.03, OSQ and 25% race distance. Started on fresh softs and pitted for mediums, got disqualified at the end for not using the hard tyre. I'm a bit scared to continue career with this bug around to be honest, hope it gets addressed asap.
  6. I think it's just the phrasing in the setup that makes it confusing. "Min and max" where in this case moving it to "Min" actually means more camber and "max" the least (if I understood it right). Might be a lot more clear if it said Negative/Positive on either side of the slider or something similar?
  7. Hi David, while I love pretty much every aspect of the new handling, possibly the one thing that still bugs me is the "E-sport lines" under braking, with two wheels over the kerbs on the green stuff/runoff. Spain sector 1 is a good example where you brake almost fully outside the track for a much wider line into turn 1 and turn 3. I guess this is more a surface grip thing than handling model, but are there any ways to still improve that? Maybe reduce the grip of the astro/the stuff next to the kerb?
  8. It could mean multiple things, I think a high awareness stat might also include he's extra cautious and more likely to move 'out of the way' in battles to avoid incidents rather than taking risk, which does suit Bottas to be fair.
  9. These are just the AI stats for drivers you can hire, it won't affect your own driving.
  10. As a sort of "workaround" to change your page order, you can use the upload to community function for each page, then remove your old pages, download them again and add them in the right order. Actually I think this also works without uploading, you can duplicate your own designs when adding an item to a new page and selecting "from this device"
  11. The game does always allow you to change the front wing angle, even with parc ferme enabled.
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