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  1. Worntoathread

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    Why'd you think so? It's stated in the patch notes they're planning to make the change as soon as possible.
  2. Worntoathread

    career F1 2019

    Maybe that's how it all went wrong for Fernando and Honda..
  3. Worntoathread

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    From what I've gathered, the number of people saying there is no issue are either talking about race pace, or have tested in multiplayer or even practice sessions and I agree with that, the pace is actually alright in those sessions. The problem discovered is with wet qualifying sessions alone. Their pace is incomparable between qualy and the race, irrelative to the player's skills.
  4. Worntoathread

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    That's a theory, but it doesn't explain the results from the test I did. I can keep up fine in the race (including best lap time) but the AI are a full second faster in qualifying. If I'd lower the AI level to be competitive in qualy, I would lap the field in the race. It doesn't make sense. https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/41738-ai-wet-qualifying-pace-issue-test-results/
  5. Worntoathread

    Please help!!! Can't control car

    Hi @AceRiaz, If you're not used to driving without traction control, you are most likely too aggressive on the throttle. this causes wheelspin when accelerating in the lower gears, even on the straights. The key is to be gentle on the throttle; slowly increase your input instead of pressing it like an on/off button. Some tips that might help you out: - In general the rule out of slow corners is "the more you're still steering, the less you press the pedal". As you're straightening up the wheel on corner exit, slowly increase your throttle, and don't go full throttle until you have the wheel completely straight again. Once you get a feel for this, you can try being a bit more aggressive to find the limit. - Shifting earlier (short shifting) can be useful to avoid torque spikes and get less wheelspin. - Avoid kerbs out of slow corners. They're less grippy, so touching them with the rear wheels while accelerating will likely spin you out. Of course it can be very difficult at first, so if it becomes frustrating for you I recommend trying Medium Traction Control at first, to get more of a feel for how the car behaves without spinning out all the time. Also keep in mind tyre temperatures. If you spin, they will overheat and make you spin again much easier. In Time Trial mode tyre wear and temperatures are disabled, so that's definitely the best mode to practice at first.
  6. Worntoathread

    career F1 2019

    It's entirely down to the answers you give during interviews. For example if you get a question about a mistake and blame it on the downforce of the car, the morale will drop, while complimenting them after a good result will give the department a boost. Some of the answers are a bit less obvious, but after a while you'll start to recognise the 'right' and wrong answers for each department.
  7. Worntoathread

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    Sometimes AI teams were developing upgrades way too fast (impossible to catch up). Hopefully this is fixed now.
  8. Worntoathread

    Tyre life in qualifying programme

    Hey Martbloke, with that patch the scaling was turned off for qualifying so you don't have to start the race on worn tyres anymore when doing 25% races. The scaling still exists in practice though, which is a good thing as it allows you to determine the race strategy accordingly. The issue here is that in the qualifying pace program the target stays the same for all three laps, even though on 25% scaling you can lose over half a second per lap. So I guess it's the target time that needs adjusting rather than the tyre wear or scaling.
  9. Sounds like the Thrustmaster F1 rim could help you out with that, the paddles click in both directions so you can shift up and down on either side with the same paddle if you want. I don't think the rim's compatible with Logitech though unfortunately.
  10. Worntoathread

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    I'm sure that's not it; I adjust the setup accordingly for wet weather and the AI do not use custom setups as far as I'm aware. It also wouldn't explain what I saw in my test comparison thread, where in the wet, I was keeping up fine in the race with pretty average driving, while with the same setup, I was a second up on my team mate in qualy, no matter how hard I tried or often I restarted. There just seems to be some issue with AI times or grip levels in wet qualifying.
  11. Worntoathread

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    You did forget something, your own arguments apparently: "I'll test it at where I'm comfortable at. I don't run the same AI setting as you. You guys are SLOW in the rain period. I'm going to test it for you guys and prove to you once again the AI is fine" But sure, BIG difference.. Surely you must see how your test means nothing if the AI level was over a second too slow for your potential speed. The way to test this is by finding an AI level that you can JUST beat with a perfect lap in the dry, and then use that same level in a wet qualifying session. Putting it at a 'comfortable' level in a practice session is about as effective as testing top speeds with no ERS on lean mix.
  12. Worntoathread

    [PC][F2] Cold tyres after formation lap [R2]

    @Faya thanks for the response. That does explain it, but I don't think it makes much sense as a design choice. When disabling the formation lap it's usually because I don't want the hassle, but I'd still expect a normal or realistic start scenario, not some slippery disadvantage, it's actually quite frustrating. Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to simply program it as if the formation lap was simulated and at least put some minimal heat in the tyres?
  13. Worntoathread

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    I agreed with most of that until the last bit. They should absolutely not make pad intentionally slower, that would mean the game would essentially become 'pay to win'. They should aim to make all inputs as equal as possible, so the best players can get similar results on either device. Neither should have an unfair advantage over the other.
  14. Worntoathread

    [PC][F2] Cold tyres after formation lap [R2]

    @RedDevilKT This issue is still present on PS4, at least when not doing a formation lap. Both the feature and sprint race you start on ice cold 60°C tyres with no chance of a good getaway.
  15. Worntoathread

    My Career Mode Summery: Season 3

    No they don't, but you do get 5000 'bonus' points, at least I did when switching between seasons. That's a pretty ridiculous amount, and as others have suggested it might be at the core of the r&d development pace issue for AI as well.