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  1. Worntoathread

    Performance Graph Showing Wrong Data

    Some more races in and the graphs have not changed for me and other teams despite putting on many new upgrades; It seems they won't go up until you exceed the performance number it got 'stuck' on after the reg change. I also still can't tell which areas of the car are strong/weak because the R&D departments/comparisons are still showing end of last season's performance as if the upgrades were never lost between seasons. All the charts and graphs are completely off, hoping this is being looked into @BarryBL
  2. I would think that, but I've completed 50 races on simulation damage and haven't seen the SC or VSC, not even once. Other people I know who are playing on full or even reduced damage get an abundance of SC's, sometimes multiple times a race. Of course you can always get a streak of (bad) luck, but if I haven't seen it after 50 races it can't be a coincidence or settings related, some bug is preventing it from being deployed since race 1.
  3. Worntoathread

    Safety Car

    49 races in, 50% on sim damage, have yet to see a single SC or VSC. it's clearly bugged for some while it's working fine for others.
  4. Worntoathread

    Performance Graph Showing Wrong Data

    1: After a regulation change that affected Aero and Chassis going from season 3 to season 4, the team performance table did not change accordingly; teams are all on the same place on the graph as where they ended the previous seasons. This can't be right as I lost a lot of upgrades and should have gone down on the chart. There's no way to know how the teams actually compare currently other than looking at how it actually goes in the race. I suspect I've dropped somewhere to the midfield but the table is still showing me as second best team nearly on par with Mercedes. Also when going into the R&D tree, the affected departments still show the previous/highest performance comparison despite losing many upgrades. 2: Base PS4 3: 1.06 4: My Team. In case it's tied to the issue: I ran the previous season as a 10 race calendar and switched to 16 race length for season 4, while the regulation change happened. 5: This isn't something I could replicate easily as it requires playing multiple seasons (and getting a reg change) 6: I've tried doing a session to see if the performance list would still adapt or if the car performance itself actually hadn't changed; but the car is clearly slower and the chart is wrong. 7: T300, DS4, PS4 Gold headset. 8 Here's the performance table at the end of season 3: These are most of the upgrades that I lost after the season. I did manage to save some of them after this screenshot, but not nearly all as this came in at race 8/10. Then the performance table after the reg change, start of season 4. Looking at the chart and numbers; nothing's changed when all the teams should have mixed and dropped down a fair bit.
  5. Worntoathread

    never got any VSC or SC

    Same issue on my team. I'm at race 42 and haven't seen a single SC or even VSC. All races were 25%/50% and on simulation damage, many retirements and parked cars but never more than yellow flags.
  6. Worntoathread

    F1 2020

    @MironnoriM Are you talking about the "instant replay" while racing? If so, you do get the full race replay after completing the race, you can access it from the results screen.
  7. I changed from Honda to Renault after season 2 and nothing changed; same performance, same skill tree/upgrades and still had the Honda audio. This was on v1.05 on PS4 though, really hoping there'll be a fix for this soon.
  8. Worntoathread

    Safety Car likeliness?

    Same, 35 races in and I haven't seen a single (V)SC yet, even though many cars have retired and parked in dangerous spots. Running 50% races on Simulation damage.
  9. Worntoathread

    75% race distance

    I would also love this back, the gap between 50% and 100% is just too big. 50% often messes with the strategies/results as the top 10 who start on softs are forced into a 2 stop strategy at many tracks, allowing P11+ to take the top spots by starting on a harder compound to do the 1 stop.
  10. Worntoathread


    Here's my season 2 title challenger, quite happy with how it turned out:
  11. Not sure I agree, your purpose can be getting the R&D points while simply getting up to speed, completing it "blind" can even feel more rewarding, like a succesful installation lap.
  12. It would if you're still having to learn the track/corners, but if you're familiar with them you'll hit the gates by just finding your own way around the track regardless, I've done it a few times and it felt more realistic and challenging. Only issue I had with it is that in some corners multiple lines are possible and you might miss a gate just for taking a slightly alternative line that's just as good.
  13. In all previous games the setting would disable the actual gates. You could do the test "blind" and just hear the sound when passing through succesfully.
  14. Worntoathread

    Rain, Rain Rain!!!

    Sounds like you either got a streak of bad luck or perhaps a glitch (if the forecasts were wrong that often). I'm in race 32 and I've had only two wet races, Austria season 1 and Canada during season 2. I do agree there should be weather options for career, if people don't like dynamic weather they shouldn't be forced to drive with it as everything else is customizable.
  15. Worntoathread

    Not a single (virtual) SC in over 30 My Team races

    Thanks for the response. Would it help if I'd send my save file? From what I've read it sounds like there's a bug that goes both ways, like the SC "dice" is either stuck in never triggering it at all or triggering it for every incident.. while it may not affect other players where it's working balanced and as intended? Just a thought of course, but the difference is crazy and it seems like it can't be a coincidence at this point.