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  1. Worntoathread

    Weber and Butler

    I honestly didn't like having them in as the actual story content basically stopped once you get into F1. I'd rather have the full grid of actual drivers so once I completed the F2 part, I restarted career and skipped F2 to "remove" Butler and Weber from the full career.
  2. You should be able to pick up your physical copy "early" from the store, the Schumacher edition releases on the 7th both physically and digitally while the other editions will release 3 days later on the 10th, so no early access code needed as long as you bought the right edition.
  3. Worntoathread


    If possible I am definitely bringing Schumi back as the playable driver in My Team. Might hire his son to complete the line up 😉
  4. Worntoathread

    Schumacher edition, really?

    Never even thought about this, but I actually love the idea of playing as Schumacher in My Team with a complete avatar including helmet and audio name.
  5. Worntoathread

    New Williams livery F1 2020

    Looking at the new TV advert, it appears the new livery is already in the game, that's pretty amazing to be honest! Some good collaboration going on between Codies and the teams.
  6. Worntoathread

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    It could mean multiple things, I think a high awareness stat might also include he's extra cautious and more likely to move 'out of the way' in battles to avoid incidents rather than taking risk, which does suit Bottas to be fair.
  7. Worntoathread

    Orange army zandvoort

    Looking at some new gameplay it seems they actually added the orange army at Zandvoort! (5:00 in the video) I love details like this, and as a Dutchman I'll definitely be pretending they're all cheering for me in career mode 😉
  8. Worntoathread

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    These are just the AI stats for drivers you can hire, it won't affect your own driving.
  9. Make sure you're in the hightest ERS mode when comparing and that your engine isn't too hot by running rich fuel mix too long. Also which car are you driving? Some teams have much lower top speed than others.
  10. Worntoathread

    Skin Tone in F1 Games

    F1 2015 didn't have them yet as it didn't have a career mode, so it's 2016 onwards.
  11. Worntoathread

    Poll: What view do you drive with??

    I would love being able to make it transparent. I do like having it enabled but there's quite a few spots where it blocks the car in front or braking point entirely on straights, in real life this wouldn't happen as you can see through/past it with two eyes.
  12. Worntoathread

    F1 Open Beta

    It's been launched for a while now, if you applied in time and got selected you'll have gotten an e-mail with instructions.
  13. Worntoathread

    Poll: What view do you drive with??

    I play it different ways; when racing with the wheel I use cockpit cam, but often I feel like playing it more casually on the couch with the pad and use T-cam. It's like two entirely different games and I enjoy both ways just as much to be honest.
  14. Worntoathread

    F1 2020 - Sponsors in MyTeam

    Happy we get to pick the sponsors, hopefully we'll be able to place some on the helmets as well!
  15. Worntoathread

    USA - Circuit Of The Americas

    If only it had some gravel traps and grass it could be one of the best tracks in my opinion, but with the huge amount of run-off it removes all the feeling of risk/reward or driving on the edge.