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  1. Worntoathread

    Petition for HUD customization for consoles

    Yes please. Something similar happened in the past when they initially had the camera editor for PC exclusively. After many requests on the forums they actually decided to add it for consoles in a patch around release day. Let's hope this will achieve the same! 🙂
  2. So it's been confirmed the HUD is customisable on PC, you should be able to adjust the positioning. I really hope they can bring this to consoles as well.
  3. Worntoathread

    Customization (Driver)

    Brought to you by the guy who requested different main menu versions because he doesn't want Hamilton's face in it. The devs who design these items are not the same developers who create gameplay features or work on bug fixes. More of this doesn't mean less of anything else, so I wouldn't call it a bad thing. It's a welcome change to see some more customisation and I hope it will be expanded with a proper design/tool editor in the future.
  4. This example in the screenshot must be the reason why it's so low this year.. and for the top right the space is reserved for the clock/timer in practice and qualy.
  5. Worntoathread

    Thrustmaster Wheel + ERS/ fuel changes = help!

    Small tip for people who feel they haven't got enough buttons on the F1 rim for the ERS & fuel shortcuts; you can unbind the camera and instant replay buttons since you can easily change those from the pause menu as well. You can also assign something to your clutch pedal (I have the engineer/commands on that ) and it will free enough buttons to map all shortcuts for ERS and fuel up/down with a button to spare for any other shortcut.
  6. Worntoathread

    How is F2 integrated into career mode?

    Absoluteley yes, I'd love to do a career mode with a full season of F2, actually making your way up and earning an F1 drive. There could always be the option to turn it off or reduce it to the three events for those who don't want it.
  7. Worntoathread

    mirror in cockpit view of f1 2019, AGAIN?!

    No problem as long as the option is there for those who do want it enabled. You do realise that people don't want the virtual mirror to have an "advantage" but just to have some more awareness and to avoid collisions right?.. Its purpose is to actually see the mirrors, like drivers do in real life. You know, they dont view their cockpit though a small box or screen like we do and can actually see the mirrors around them without pressing buttons, all without losing sight of what's in front of them.
  8. Worntoathread

    Crazy Shine on Tyres in F1 2019

    https://images.app.goo.gl/uNqReXvvy5dmCocT6 It's there, maybe not as visible though
  9. Worntoathread

    Crazy Shine on Tyres in F1 2019

    People would say the same thing if the tyres didn't have the shine on them. They just have to balance how fast it wears off a bit.
  10. Worntoathread

    Mechanical Failures: Still just for AI?

    For future games, I'd like to see 'reliability' added next to the R&D tree instead of just 'durability'. Each upgrade could reduce your chance of a random failure (or increase the wear percentage necessary for a possible failure to occur for parts). I think this could add a whole new layer to the R&D as you'd have balance your upgrade path between aggressive performance with a risk of blowing up or playing it safe, with a reliable but slightly slower developing car.
  11. Worntoathread

    DRS indicator light in wheel

    In previous games the light on the wheel will blink when it's available and stops blinking once you activate it. It's barely noticeable though.
  12. Worntoathread

    Mechanical Failures: Still just for AI?

    How would that be any different from crashing out in the game as it is currently, or from blowing up the engine in career when it's worn and you dont replace it? The race 'just ends' already in those scenarios without spectating.
  13. Worntoathread

    2019 TRAILER body shape is all the same

    It's just the placeholder base car model, allowing them so demonstrate the game until FOM approves the real models, which will feature in the final game on release day.
  14. Worntoathread

    mirror in cockpit view of f1 2019, AGAIN?!

    Imagine that for whatever reason, in real life, a driver is unable to move his head by himself, leaving him unable to see the mirrors. Not completely unlike our very own gaming experience as cockpit cam users with a single screen setup.. Now, we have two possible options to help said disabled driver: A: a neck mechanism, built to violently snap said driver's head to the side and back by pressing buttons on his wheel, all while racing at full speed. B: Moving the mirrors closer to the cockpit, within his eyesight, allowing him to see them. You seem to insist that option A is the more realistic option here. Makes you wonder!
  15. Worntoathread

    Gray fade after terminal crash, keep or toss?

    I've always disliked it as it takes away a lot of immersion and feels incredibly outdated. Without the effect it would have so much more impact to see the crash play out and sit there for a while with the engine off, just letting your mistake sink in before actually retiring. Currently it just feels like a bad 'Game-over' sequence. I understand the purpose for the flashbacks, but maybe they could disable it when you dont have flashbacks on, or why not for multiplayer where there's no flashbacks at all?