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    hello i have problem with A rating

    It would be great if you could set a preference to "allow" being put in lobbies of a lower safety rating. Since it'd only go one way individually; low safety players still won't be put into high safety lobbies when they do exist but it'll be much easier to at least avoid the empty lobby syndrome.
  2. Worntoathread

    Discussion Thread for Patch Notes for 1.18

    GENERAL - Added the ability to save custom camera setups per car. Thank you, that's great!
  3. This is not on Codemasters though, as it's simply down to the very wide placement of the mirrors on the actual cars these days. It'll never be possible to see them with a realistic FOV without a triple screen setup. What Codemasters should really do is add the option for for virtual (wing) mirrors to bring them back into view.
  4. As a sort of "workaround" to change your page order, you can use the upload to community function for each page, then remove your old pages, download them again and add them in the right order. Actually I think this also works without uploading, you can duplicate your own designs when adding an item to a new page and selecting "from this device"
  5. Worntoathread

    Steering issues

    Hey, if you feel the steering is too sensitive with a controller; you can try adjusting the "steering linearity" in the advanced controller settings in-game. The higher you set it, the less sensitive/twitchy it will be around the center of the stick.
  6. Worntoathread


    Yes, exactly like I did. I've rarely seen more irony in one's response, my god man. You seem to take my *minor criticism* out of proportion in each of your replies and change it up to me hating on the entire game somehow. Learn to read.
  7. Worntoathread


    What in the? This is not about rating the game, we are talking about track models, and track models only. Lando's complaints that I pointed out are about the track models only, for the rest his remarks and impression of the game are obviously positive, just like for mine but that's not the point of the discussion here. My point is not about gameplay, not about graphics, not physics or general realism of the game. Love em. Just track models. Read my previous comments again and you'll find that I never implied the discussion to be about anything other.
  8. Worntoathread


    .. Some common sense please, that's not what I was implying at all! If they'd made the Ferrari pink, that wouldn't have stopped me from loving this game either, but by your logic I shouldn't criticize it for being the wrong color because it's a good game either way. I'm not calling it a bad game, I'm merely pointing out where obvious improvements can be made, and we should always continue to do that.
  9. Worntoathread

    Racestart with PS4 Controller

    The recent 1.15 patch really improved this, the AI can now have bad starts as well which is nice to see. Changed from always losing 1 or 2 positions to regularly being able to make up a few.
  10. Worntoathread


    I didn't say anything about the graphics fidelity though, the game obviously looks amazing in terms of textures/lighting etc. The problem is that there's some clear differences in the track models that could still be much improved upon. Check out this video of Lando Norris actually trying the game, from around 5-6 minutes in his first reaction is multiple complaints about the track model: "Oh it's just so different what the hell" Whoa this is up/downhill" "There's no grass there either" " and "The I-Racing model's better than this". I'd say If anyone knows it's him, but I noticed the differences when playing as well, you don't have to be an actual F1 driver for that. Many tracks in this game are just a bit "off" even compared to other games/sims.
  11. Worntoathread

    How do you turn off mid season transfers

    Open start/options while loading into career or in between sessions. It's in there somewhere as an option, probably under 'gameplay settings'.
  12. Worntoathread


    Not really, you can see pretty obvious differences in a lot of kerbs height, width and car behavior just by comparing footage.
  13. Worntoathread

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    No that would be pretty silly, you could cheat your way to the title by abusing that mid-season.
  14. Worntoathread

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    You can change the setting mid-career in the options, while loading between sessions!
  15. Worntoathread

    Engine overheating

    I believe it's from 135 °C
  16. Worntoathread


    Not necessarily, compare it to the previous games where high ballast was a must; It would often feel terrible compared to a balanced setup as the rear just wanted to step out constantly, yet it was a lot quicker and the only way to be competitive. I personally don't think that's the case with 2019 though, I've played it quite a bit with the controller and it actually feels really good and competitive with the same (stable) setups I use for my wheel.
  17. There are already many reports of ridiculous driver transfers happening mid-season. The craziest example is Hamilton switching to Red Bull after Austria while leading the championship; Mercedes was the best car so his move lost him the title.. Obviously that's just silly and I fear these unrealistic mid-season transfers are turning one of the best features into one of the worst. @Faya I definitely think it would be best to disable mid-season transfers for the AI entirely, or at least prevent them from happening for good performing drivers. Hopefully something can be done with a patch.
  18. Worntoathread


    I've seen it a couple of times in my career, but I've been getting a VSC pretty much every race. How's that for you (and others)?
  19. Worntoathread

    Petition for HUD customization for consoles

    @RedDevilKT If we can't get full customisation, would you please consider a simple option to turn off the MFD pop-up in the OSD settings? Driving in cockpit cam and using shortcut buttons for ERS and Fuel, I don't need the MFD at all as I have all the info on the wheel and use an app/dash but the game doesn't allow to turn it off. I absolutely hate how it has to pop up 20 times a lap each time I change a setting, I prefer to drive with minimal/no HUD. I can't be the only one who's annoyed by this.
  20. Worntoathread

    Use the halo as a mirror

    I've noticed the same thing. It's a bit distracting sometimes when cars are behind you because they appear mirrored on the wrong side, so if a car tries to overtake you on the right you'll see it on the left side of the halo somehow.
  21. Worntoathread

    Please add more info on the steering wheel screen [R2]

    Hi @RedDevilKT. Here's one that I made based off the game's design. I think the 3 most crucial things added that the game doesn't show are: - Fuel mix - Engine temperature - DRS indicator I also find the tyre wear percentage very helpful ( it shows one percentage for the most worn tyre) It would also be great if the temperature text would change color when overheating like it does in the app, as the point of overheating is different for each compound.
  22. Worntoathread

    The hell happened with the game?

    This sounds like your pedal (or trigger) might not reach 100%, it's quite a common occurrence. To test this, you can go to the controller options, select edit (custom layout) and then go to the calibration tab. Press the throttle all the way down, it should read 100% throttle near the bottom. If it gives a lower value, this is your problem. You can fix this by raising the throttle linearity setting until it reaches 100% again, or of course by simply replacing your pedals/controller (for pedals, cleaning the inside potentiometers with contact spray should fix it)
  23. Worntoathread


    Really sad to hear that @Faya. You were definitely a great and bright asset to the community; the atmosphere and communication in this place improved tons with you around 🙂Thanks for all your effort and I wish you all the best for the future!
  24. This topic is over a year old, the option wasn't there back then but was later added.