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  1. 1 minute ago, Ultra3142 said:

    Do you have particular game screens in mind? I've not noticed an issue myself but I may not have seen the same ones.

    Loading/editing a setup from the garage is a good example. The background is dark and the text white in full HDR peak brightness, it's actually hard to read without squinting.

  2. Just wanted to share this since I recently got a new TV and got to experience F1 2020 in HDR for the first time. 

    While the on-track gameplay looks great in HDR, the menus/text are often a pure white against a dark background. This normally isn't an issue in SDR, but with HDR the text is displayed at maximum brightness (you can't change this on the TV as it reduces the HDR effect during gameplay) and things like the setup/garage screen text become painful to read and very eye straining.

    Other games seem to manage this better by taking the HDR into account for the menu design, so I was hoping something can be implemented for F1 2021 to make the text and menus in HDR more pleasant to read.

    Maybe you can consider something like a menu toggle or brightness slider for text alone in the graphics settings, or adjust the HDR text brightness automatically, but any solution would be welcome.


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  3. I would also love this back, the gap between 50% and 100% is just too big.

    50% often messes with the strategies/results as the top 10 who start on softs are forced into a 2 stop strategy at many tracks, allowing P11+ to take the top spots by starting on a harder compound to do the 1 stop.


  4. Just now, Ultra3142 said:

    I can absolutely understand that if you know the track you can complete the acclimatisation programme without the gates showing but my point was it defeats the whole purpose of doing it in the first place.

    Not sure I agree, your purpose can be getting the R&D points while simply getting up to speed, completing it "blind" can even feel more rewarding, like a succesful installation lap.

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  5. 5 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    That rather seems to defeat the whole point of the acclimatisation program to me, although if it used to be possible and you liked it that way I can understand why you miss this being an option.

    It would if you're still having to learn the track/corners, but if you're familiar with them you'll hit the gates by just finding your own way around the track regardless, I've done it a few times and it felt more realistic and challenging.

    Only issue I had with it is that in some corners multiple lines are possible and you might miss a gate just for taking a slightly alternative line that's just as good.

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  6. Sounds like you either got a streak of bad luck or perhaps a glitch (if the forecasts were wrong that often). I'm in race 32 and I've had only two wet races, Austria season 1 and Canada during season 2. 

    I do agree there should be weather options for career, if people don't like dynamic weather they shouldn't be forced to drive with it as everything else is customizable. 

  7. 37 minutes ago, inspiretheworld said:

    What AI level is everyone at ? 

    I've completed my first season on 100 AI, cockpit view, no hud, no assists and finished in the top 10 on 14 tracks. Won 1 and got 3rd in another. My car in the first season was was probably the back end of the mid pack throughout the full season. Started my second season on 102 AI and as the 2nd slowest car. Bare in mind I did all the practice sessions in the first season, but still struggled to update the car as fast as the AI. With the money I got for finishing 4th in the constructors I signed Perez and updated a lot of my behind the scenes stuff. Finished 9th and 11th respectively in Aus, but still the second slowest car now going into the second race. If you guys are saying that once I've updated the behind the scenes stuff to level 2 then I should be at the top by season 3? If that's the case I'll just make it harder for my self. I'm updating the AI level every season until I'm on 110. If it's still a walk in the park I'll drive with my eyes closed haha. 

    Did you have a big regulation change to put you at the back of season 2? I started the second season as 5th and three races later I'm already on par with Mercedes as the best team.

    I'm seriously disappointed how easy it was, I upgraded some facilitied, purchaced some perks and now the R&D points come rolling in by +1100 per race and the car is already far beyond the Mercedes TT performance. I feel I have to stop developing my car too fast on purpose now which takes all the fun and challenge out of it to be honest.

  8. 17 minutes ago, APB44 said:

    I have the same problem:

    1.       A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. 

    3rd Race and already 3rd gearbox. I just tried Vietnam and is degrading about 5% per lap, with no flashbacks. Bahrain was a new gearbox and 75% at the end of a 25% race, with 2-3 flashbacks. 

    2.       What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 


    3.       Game-mode? 

    My Team, 22 race season, Honda engine, no durability upgrades as yet.

    4.       What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. 

    Reviewed the wear over the first 3 races, different sessions. Even during practice without flashbacks the wear was still averaging 5% wear per lap

    5.       What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue 

    As above

    6.       What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) 

    PS4 Gamepad being used on a PC

    7.       Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears.   


    Seems like there's a scaling bug somewhere then, it's completely different from what I'm seeing. I'm also doing my team with Honda, 25% races and no durability upgrades yet, my first gearbox only has around 20-30% wear after the first four weekends.

  9. On PS4 I had the same issue today on my second race in My Team

    version 1.03, OSQ and 25% race distance.

    Started on fresh softs and pitted for mediums, got disqualified at the end for not using the hard tyre. 

    I'm a bit scared to continue career with this bug around to be honest, hope it gets addressed asap.

  10. 7 minutes ago, David Greco CM said:

    On a straight has less contact, on a corner the loaded tyre has more contact. Don't know what you actually mean with this.

    Everygame, iracing, rFactor2, if you want more camber, you need to click on minus, because it will be giving you more camber..

    I will say again, look at the number, forget the sign. move the slider towards the bigger number if you want more camber. I don't see what is so confusing about it to be honest 🙂 

    I think it's just the phrasing in the setup that makes it confusing. "Min and max" where in this case moving it to "Min" actually means more camber and "max" the least (if I understood it right). Might be a lot more clear if it said Negative/Positive on either side of the slider or something similar?

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  11. Hi David, while I love pretty much every aspect of the new handling, possibly the one thing that still bugs me is the "E-sport lines" under braking, with two wheels over the kerbs on the green stuff/runoff. 

    Spain sector 1 is a good example where you brake almost fully outside the track for a much wider line into turn 1 and turn 3. I guess this is more a surface grip thing than handling model, but are there any ways to still improve that? Maybe reduce the grip of the astro/the stuff next to the kerb?

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  12. 2 minutes ago, Krisperfectline said:

    That awareness of Bottas! 99 higher than Hamilton. Russell and Ocon have slower pace than Stroll? Is this real? I believe Ricciardo’s racecraft should be even or closer to Verstappen. It feels a bit too low for Ricciardo based on the definition of the stat...


    What’s the logic of giving Bottas 99 awareness? I simply don’t understand if it’s based on the definition of the stat. 

    It could mean multiple things, I think a high awareness stat might also include he's extra cautious and more likely to move 'out of the way' in battles to avoid incidents rather than taking risk, which does suit Bottas to be fair.

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  13. 5 hours ago, Bhawk67 said:

    This sounds absolutely horrible imo. If the actual user gameplay performance is messed with by nerfing pace or randomly throwing your car out of control because of low awareness than I wont even play my team. 

    These are just the AI stats for drivers you can hire, it won't affect your own driving.

  14. 1 minute ago, Schorchi said:

    That's actually not too bad imho. The only noticable difference is the lack of noise that, I assume, originates from the air?

    When the video started I honestly thought it had the real audio on for a bit. Still a clear difference when they switched, but I'd agree that's mostly noise/EQ. They really got the tonal quality spot on this year.

  15. Here's a great audio comparison between 19 and 20. What a difference, some of last year's engines like the Honda just sound silly when directly compared to the new game. Loving it, major step up 🙂

    (Recommend playing this on speakers or headphones if you can, there's a lot of detail and low-end that gets lost from your phone)



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    @issueskid Just heard this and I gotta say that's some major improvement over 19, it sounds great! For the first time you can really tell they're actual recordings, love the aggression in the downshifts and the exhaust roars from tv. This will seriously increase my fun of driving them, great job 🙂

    if I have some criticism, I'd say the Mercedes engine's woosh/screeching noise under downshifts sounds a little weird and over the top on the right channel, it really stands out, without that noise being so apparent in the mix I'd say the Mercedes sounds great as well. 

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  17. 4 minutes ago, LILLHELM said:

    I hear the difference between left and right!
    and that bothers me!

    it should sound the same on the left and right


    (I am a hi-fi high-end man i can hear everything 😉 )

    He just explained this stereo effect is what they do on TV and you can turn it off.

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  18. 7 minutes ago, LILLHELM said:

    So it bothers me that the left ear hears something different than the right. Not so on TV 😉

    Is the engine sound final? Or still in progress?


    What do you mean? The stereo/separated mic effect is exactly what they do on TV and they put the broadcast setting in the game to replicate this.

  19. 3 minutes ago, TomAAA said:

    @TheEmpireWasRight Yep totally agree, we both commented a lot last year as to how when you got into the gear change zone of gears 4,5,6,7 you would barely notice it was at max revs to change gear, its was almost monotone and looks like they have kept that annoying problem

    Agree with that as well, I posted about the same issue last year. While it's still there in this video I definitely hear some improvements as well though, it doesn't sound as artificial as 2019 and the downshifts now have some bite to them.

    I also thought the Honda was the worst sounding engine in last years' game so I'm looking forward to hearing the others.

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  20. 1 hour ago, IceMakeRFR said:

    @StryderIT any info in a possible way to manage page order please?

    As a sort of "workaround" to change your page order, you can use the upload to community function for each page, then remove your old pages, download them again and add them in the right order. 

    Actually I think this also works without uploading, you can duplicate your own designs when adding an item to a new page and selecting "from this device"

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