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  1. magneto71

    F1 2018 career difficulty - can’t change

    Well, I’ve tried it at every conceivable point during a Grand Prix weekend and it still won’t let me change it. I guess the only way to do it now is reset the save, or even reinstall the game, but that means starting over again ☹️ I think I’ll just wait for the new game, which is only about 2 months away now.
  2. Basically, I am unable to change the AI difficulty between race weekends. In my first season I started winning too easily, but couldn’t change the difficulty. I thought maybe it’s because it was patched in later, so I decided to start a new career, but I’m still unable to change it? When at your workstation I go to preferences > gameplay settings, but everything is greyed out, not letting me change anything. I’ve tried this at the end of a race weekend (after actual race), and at the start of a new race weekend, but to no avail 😟