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  1. magneto71

    Grid season 1

    I thought it was out today?
  2. Can you give us the option of a random starting position on the grid in career events. I don’t always have the time to do the hot lap qualifying, and if you skip it you always start at the back of the grid. A random starting place option would be very welcome.
  3. magneto71

    Grid (2019) VIP status

    C’mon Codies...can someone elaborate on what “VIP Status” means before we spend our hard earned money!
  4. magneto71

    Grid (2019) VIP status

    Does anyone know what “VIP status” entails exactly in the forthcoming Grid game (ultimate edition)? I’m assuming it’s like the Forza Horizon games where you earn more credits/experience.
  5. magneto71

    The F1® 2019 Visual Update Is Here!

    The cars look absolutely beautiful in the above pics. Is there a “showroom” option in the game to just look at the cars, and be able to spin the camera around?
  6. magneto71

    Dirt 2.0 question re DLC/career mode

    Thanks! I had already purchased one dlc rally to see if it was integrated into career mode and it was. Thanks anyway 👍
  7. magneto71

    Dirt 2.0 question re DLC/career mode

    You’ve just copy & pasted chrisjaf’s reply - what was the point of that?
  8. magneto71

    Dirt 2.0 question re DLC/career mode

    I’ve been playing career mode (no dlc) and I’ve had no such problems (PS4). Back to my original question....has anyone bought the dlc tracks and then played career mode - are the dlc locations incorporated into the roster?
  9. Can anyone tell me if the DLC track locations are incorporated into the career mode once purchased?
  10. magneto71

    F1 2018 career difficulty - can’t change

    Thanks! I’ve finally done it 🙂 All this time I’ve been trying to do it when you’re at the workstation screen. Seems to be a bit of an odd time to do it (during loading screens) but I know now. Thanks again 👍
  11. magneto71

    F1 2018 career difficulty - can’t change

    Well, I’ve tried it at every conceivable point during a Grand Prix weekend and it still won’t let me change it. I guess the only way to do it now is reset the save, or even reinstall the game, but that means starting over again ☹️ I think I’ll just wait for the new game, which is only about 2 months away now.
  12. Basically, I am unable to change the AI difficulty between race weekends. In my first season I started winning too easily, but couldn’t change the difficulty. I thought maybe it’s because it was patched in later, so I decided to start a new career, but I’m still unable to change it? When at your workstation I go to preferences > gameplay settings, but everything is greyed out, not letting me change anything. I’ve tried this at the end of a race weekend (after actual race), and at the start of a new race weekend, but to no avail 😟