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  1. kenkenna

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    I think everyone would agree all of those points would make the game undoubtedly more immersive and realistic. But I know for a fact half if not almost all of those things won't be possible due to licensing issues or just preference of FOM.  Working your way up through karting to lower formula's for example just opens up a can of licensing worms and additional work almost doubling the size of the game itself. Marshall's on track however, I suspect FOM overseeing the general development of the title won't want people swerving, trying to aim for them etc, you know, daft and silly things like that. I've heard sponsors/teams/FOM don't like the cars to be seen damaged beyond repair because it just isn't what the sport is about, it's leaning towards safety even if it's only really visualised.. That's what I understand anyway. I agree with your creativity though, definitely.