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  1. Hi guys!!! I've been playing WRC 10 for a while now, and I'm blown away by the huge improvement over WRC 9. The tarmac physics, and especially Monte Carlo is the most realistic I've ever played. It really feels amazing the grip changes. I would like this in DR 3. On dirt they are very good too. Driving Monte Carlo is the best realistic experience I've ever had in a rally game. It is crucial to choose the right tires, and special mention to the wear as it affects the grip a lot. Sorry for the offtopic. But you have to try it. I didn't like the previous installments... but this WRC 10 is amazing
  2. It has probably been in development for some time. I say this because usually developers when they finish a work, they are already working with the new one. It's pure DR.2 passion. The sounds, the physics... the details... The dirt is amazing how it looks on the cars. They were always ahead of their time. At my 39 years old (I'll be on December 8th) the hype and the illusion I have to see a new installment of this simulator are very big.
  3. Hello everyone!!! I have a hype for the future Dirt Rally 3.0 that is not normal.... I can't wait to see how it will be in the new generation. Regarding the simulation, watching DR.2 I am very calm. These guys know what they are doing. Improve asphalt, and a little more land and it is again the best rally simulator ever created. WRC 10 is very fun (for its realism) and enjoyable. I consider it a simulator too (as long as it is played as realistically as possible). But what CM has done with DR.2... is simply amazing. And of course looking forward to F1 2022. It would be nice to be able to have
  4. The brightness of the cars is too high... I use a 55% red grenadient if it's white, and 65% for the rest of the colors. I also improve the headlights, giving it a half coat. I retouched the default livery, and I like it: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/lancia-stratos-hf-4-1978-sanremo.46527/
  5. My first contribution. It has cost me a lot, since I am a complete novice. I hope you like it. I find it beautiful: Plastic" effect side windows. Improved turn signals and headlights... and many more details. Gold rims and snow glitter. White gloss rims and matte black center. Apex Racing brakes. Audi Sport quattro S1 Olympus 1.18V
  6. Hello everyone!!! I'm a total newbie, but I've been working on a decoration for weeks. It is in WIP phase, and I don't know when I will release it.... Those rims are not the final ones... they are from another car but I used them as a test... Upgraded front turn signals, black color behind the front grilles, colored taillights, white door frame... I have to bench paint the mirrors as well. I show you some pictures:
  7. I just hope that the simulation, both in F1 2022, as in DR 3 ( or whatever you call it)... Don’t lower your simulation status. The F1 2020, is the only game that simulates well the braking of carboceramic brakes of an F1. Cheers!!!
  8. I have never been one to use paintings that were not real... But yours I use. They are very beautiful and original. The Mini is beautiful. Greetings!!!
  9. I am Spanish ( I suppose you have already found out, because of how badly I speak English Xd) and Spain is very well done. CM always does a job of 10, when it comes to setting each place.
  10. I would like to keep the realistic performance attributes of the cars Ꝏ
  11. That’s right. It means something like that. I meant that the basis of RBR is very old. Nothing more. Respect for someone who likes RBR. I should have put spolier on the list of cars, right? I don’t handle myself well with the thread. I’m sorry (although sarcasm I think if I understood Xd)
  12. That sounds like a saying to me: "Even if the monkey wears silk, the monkey stays...". RBR is already very out of date, and no matter how much you try to improve, with that base you can not do miracles. But, it is respectable to anyone who likes it. Regarding DR2, although I am Spanish, I fully agree with you in the cars I would like to see in DR3 ( or whatever you call it). It would be nice to have these models:
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