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  1. I smell that art! Thank you very much for your work and for your time;) 10/20
  2. It would be a dream if CM brought the F3 for F1 2020. What do you think?
  3. Keko55

    DiRTy Gossip

    Does the Porsche 911 RGT have too much oversteer on asphalt? What do you think?
  4. You have talent. It’s amazing your work. Thank you ;)
  5. Keko55

    DiRTy Gossip

    At CM they were always visionaries in their time. The most advanced and realistic physics of the market. Added to its good graphics and sounds. Just see how well your games age. The sensations offered by this DR.2 are unpayable. Running on wet gravel is worth a prize. Dry too.
  6. Keko55

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    The front wheels of 306 Maxi, are very tucked in inside the wheel passes... I found this on the internet::
  7. Keko55

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    caerphoto RBR= Simulation Urban legend= Weightless cars, no realistic suspension... unreal gearbox... D.R 2= The best current simulation, and tangible= Realistic weight, realistic suspension... real gearbox... not a matter of taste, but of quality.
  8. Keko55

    DiRTy Gossip

    There are many, who like to feel somewhat frustrated by a game, that always "things happen" until finally (after 11 years) you learn to the millimeter every ******* stretch .. Hence, much "old school" rbr lover still resists recognizing the obvious and insists on "the first statement" of all rbrlover = RBR is better because it is more simulator :)) (and God exists because it says so. Bible). That rbr is a little more frustrating they will have wanted to say ... because for them frustrating is synonymous with simulation and nothing can be more wrong. Get in your real car and put it at 80/100 on a narrow and winding stretch, if they are good, nothing will happen to you. It is more notice that your car is a "lousy simulator" :))) because it brakes, bends, turns, etc. and everything does well and without problems in front of the virtual cars of rbr that are not capable of doing anything right ... for example leaving the rail and demonstrating that it has suspension, or making a simple 90º turn without having to pull Ebrake . Personally I can become a good masoca if a Dirt Rally frustrates me a little precisely because I enjoy as a dwarf all the winding road that leads me there .. but this although it is very pleasant in a Simulator like Dirt Rally was very far to be it with a game like rbr: without immersion, without good sound, without good graphics, WITHOUT GOOD REALISTIC PHYSICS (weight, suspension, box, direction, etc etc). Because let's recognize it, "the reference" in rally (for the majority at least) so far was RBR, and it is therefore necessary to establish a comparison with it, in order to locate dirt rally. To establish a parallel, comparing Dirt Rally with RBR would be like comparing Grand Prix 2 with F1 2015. There can be no real "simulation" without minimally credible physics (weight, inertia, suspension, box, direction, turns, etc. etc. etc. and why not, without decent graphics and sound up. And in RBR there were no .. here everything is different, much more credible (I'm not going to commit the sacrilege - that if they committed the rbrlovers) to say that I feel "real" to Dirt Rally ... reality will always remain quite far, but certainly this is close Much more.. That huge incongruity has never been able to explain it. You have a game where World Rally Champion Richard Burns has collaborated in his physics, and the first thing you try to make a mod is to "improve" them ..? who are you ... Colin Mc. RAe..Loeb..Ogier? The only argument of the rbrlovers is that rbr would be "more simulator" (than any other) for "the sensations it transmits", which "would be given" by the FFb-given that by its graphic shameless and impossible sounds .. The enormous contradiction of this, is that according to his theory, one can see a scary stroller ... moving like a cockroach in an oil stain and sounding like a blender and rubbed burlap (skidding) and still believe that it is a real car through what the steering wheel transmits to us .... GREAT !! :))) The truth is that simulating reality is a complex science, just ask Boing engineers how their simulators do. Reality has infinite "pixels" and if we want to simulate it, we must start from more than respectable graphics (see IRacing..Assetto Corsa..etc) was not really a "simulator" Grand Prix Two ... although in its time the rbrlovers of those times they would like to see it, just as RBR is not ... well, it does not mimic well ... it does not look like anything real ... it sounds awful, it moves awful and to top it all up so many arcade details that cause me I refuse to just see it on the screen namely: the numerous "canned" as well as the same four uncles who always help us to return to the rail .. The "rail" itself, which is forbidden to get out of (even in the WRC saga one can dodge any tree and pass behind if it suits him better = that is realism .. that the game returns you to the rail if you try it is Arcade ... that the car stops you "in punishment" if you step outside as in Assetto is also arcade and worse, it is copied from Grid Autosport. Let the cars jump off the rail as if they had no suspension ... it is also arcade ... that have bionic acceleration is too. That artificially it will be difficult to walk slowly ... Arcade. Let the signaling flags lend themselves more to confusion than to indicate the tracing green ... arcade. That a WRC of 300Hp can be "entangled" with something to step out of the lane ... arcade. In short, what does it imitate well rbr? .. well nothing. For me, the only thing he does well is to pretend to be a fourth-class arcade game. Because if "physical" refers ... worse yet, it does not fit one .. subgirar does not subgira ... credible box does not have. Uffff engine brake even less. Direction? If you pull Ebrake and if you don't ****. Suspension? broken .. Weight .. what's that? technique in the turns ... and that? A true Simulator can never be a game where one has to make the effort to IMAGINE EVERYTHING! because the little game itself doesn't give you anything to take from you I mean ... one runs on IRacing and you have a credible car ... with a more credible dashboard ... that sounds almost real ... and behaves like a real car ... that's simulation. If you have something that looks like a car (sometimes you don't even see it according to which camera you will only see the floor) and if you see it even worse ... you wish you hadn't seen it ... and you have to imagine everything ... even the sound , the suspension, acceleration etc, but it costs a lot more to imagine something you actually see and hear but in bad shape ... if it is understood.
  9. Keko55

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  10. Keko55

    DiRTy Gossip

    Better with asphalt tires:
  11. What great jobs!! You know a lot. Thank you 😉