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  1. Rallystu2

    "My Team" mode wishlist for F1 2021

    A big one for me in my team mode would be the ability to choose components more than simply an engine supplier. You can start as a customer team where you are borrowing aero components, gearboxes from different teams as you see often with smaller teams in F1. Also you should definitely be able to have your own engines. This doesn't need to be overly complex. A simple slider mechanic offering a certain amount of points available for your own engine, power, top speed reliability maybe. Allowing you to create a powerful engine at the cost of reliability etc. This also gives us the option to be a 'real' manufacturer, I.e if I want to be Porsche, I should be using my own engine, it makes little sense for Porsche for example, to be using a Honda engine.
  2. Rallystu2

    BETA F1 2020

    Not at this time.
  3. Rallystu2

    F1® 2020 | First Gameplay Trailer

    Yes ERS overtake.
  4. Rallystu2

    F1® 2020 | First Gameplay Trailer

    Still a bit of a 'grey cage' But it looks like a good circuit to race on. Specially with the new overtake Button.
  5. I find the most important thing with a start is to build up about 11,500 revs so as not to spin up, and also not to bog down. But then a slow and constant downward application on the throttle. It's a balance, it's not easy, which is a great part of the game. You can be too eager on the throttle and lose your position super easy. It's why I think a 'practice start' function should be added to f1 2020
  6. Blind spot, you'd left the track and rejoined. Racing incident
  7. Rallystu2


    The liveries in the trailer, and thumbnails resemble the multiplayer liveries in f1 2019, so I wouldn't get your hopes up atall. I think it's a cost and time thing. Takes a huge amount of effort and resources to develop that kind of facility I imagine. I'd love a gt sport-esque livery editor, but I strongly doubt we'll see it in this edition.
  8. Rallystu2

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I've been a forum member a long time (this is my third account) mostly on the rally side though. The f1 forum is more quiet. I do understand your frustration. And I get that some faults are recurring, I just have a slightly more laid back approach. I've been frustrated at bugs and decisions for a long time. But codemasters (certainly on the dirt side with Christina and now pj) have in recent years been great, and honest enough on the communication front (not including dirt 4). So perhaps I'm a bit out of step on the f1 side of things, but f1 2019 was a huuuge leap (imo) on previous titles (blue flag ai excluded).
  9. Rallystu2

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Sometimes, they can't wave a magic wand. Issues get dealt with eventually, but some aren't easy fixes. Trouble is, some people demand changes at the click of a finger. That's never going to be the case. But, in terms of the feedback (constructive) it does get listened to. And those fixes become apparent down the line. F1 2019 is a good example of implementing improvements. Better than previous titles. Also, Dirt rally 2 had a good level of dialogue and feedback between the community and developers. I'd say Codemasters are one of the better studios for that.
  10. Rallystu2

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    That's 89% of my vocabulary gone.
  11. Rallystu2

    That AI is driving me insane!

    I'd agree, the Ai in f1 2019 is the best yet. With (for me) the exception being backmarkers. The weird leaping out the way and slowing down that ai drivers do under blue flag conditions is mind bendingly frustrating. However, it's a fix I can't imagine is too difficult to resolve, and I'm hoping for a change in f1 2020. I race 100% distance so backmarkers do become a real pain.
  12. Rallystu2

    2020 damage model?

    Licensing is the issue on the damage front, I think. Manufacturers are never too keen to see their merchandise in a crumpled heap. I like how the mechanical damage has evolved. We now have to manage components which is great. It would be good to see more random mechanical faults for sure, especially if we are to run a new team. Dependant on engine manf/r&d focus/experience we should have a suitably matched reliability factor. Perhaps one that is only active in your team, to avoid licensing nightmares.
  13. Rallystu2

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Ireland has been on the gossip dream list for some time. It's the narrow lane thing. Isle of man would fill a similar role. But yea, some very iconic stages.
  14. Rallystu2

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    So, Ireland and isle of man back on the gossip table?