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  1. Rallystu2

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Seems to be plenty of grip to me
  2. Rallystu2

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    All about snowbanks, from the drivers themselves https://youtu.be/JMWZ5V5OXnA
  3. I agree, I think this one has been particularly problematic. Probably due to the bank holiday or some such. Hopefully it comes good for you soon
  4. Christina has stated that the issues have been resolved, check again and then report back here 👍👍
  5. Rallystu2

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

  6. Rallystu2

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I believe the tyre option is a studded ice tyre, though I haven't tried yet as I'm busy convincing my daughter she should have a nap.
  7. Rallystu2


    Quite a lot of people, regardless of region or platform are having issues accessing Sweden DLC. Can someone flip a switch please @ChristinaMc
  8. Rallystu2

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Finding that as an issue with a lot of people. It was in my psn store last night at 00:30 (uk) However, many folk on our Discord haven't received it, regardless of region or platform.
  9. Rallystu2


    The more intuitive handling of DR2 should make Sweden more fun for you. The snow banks don't appear to be made of pig iron and the general grip and handling model in the game should make it more enjoyable than its predecessor.
  10. Rallystu2


    I'm on ps4 and I haven't got it. I think some people have it early in career mode. Bit of a bug as it happened with the other DLC too. Steam will probably get full access today, the rest of us will have to wait until tomorrow.
  11. Rallystu2

    Subaru Impreza wrc S14

    Why can't it just be artistic choice though? And why can't 2 Subarus be in the same class?
  12. Rallystu2

    Subaru Impreza wrc S14

    Firstly, explain what the issue is with Subaru being pictured on a Swedish background so I understand what your complaint/logic is. And secondly, what do you mean about the Subarus not being able to go in the same class 1000%?
  13. Rallystu2

    Subaru Impreza wrc S14

    It's just artwork. Looks nice.
  14. Rallystu2

    Subaru Impreza wrc S14

    The interior on one of the videos I saw was Definitley not a group N interior, so it seems to me 100% wrc. No idea where the doubt comes from other than one dudes post.
  15. I believe it's a difference between the start and finish point on a stage, it serves to indicate whether it's an uphill stage or a downhill stage, and to what extent. I have no idea whether or not it's accurate though. I did think the difference was in feet, not metres but that could be dependent on settings I guess.