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  1. Is it the case that next gen consoles will NOT support live (in race) ray tracing? I have heard it will be presented in showroom and replays, but not seen a solid confirmation on 'in race live'.
  2. Hi mate, there are specific threads for this stuff however, I understand your frustration. I imagine when codemasters have a pool of many thousands of people who want to participate it can be difficult to pick. They need to ensure they are picking people who first and foremost are unlikely to breach NDA. A good place to start for them is to check the faithful few, those who have been positively engaging with the community for a good while. This helps weed out those phishing to play and share etc. I'm sure they also have other parameters. Stick around, and you'll get a chance
  3. I have suggested previously that this be added as an optional mini-game. For those who perform full manual starts without tc it can be tricky. Would be nice to have a mini game showing how well a start has been executed I.e optimal power/grip ratio in different conditions and on different compounds. And it could give you a score based on those parameters. I'm not sure however, that this is a priority for codemasters as I think the majority probably at the very least use medium tc which is very easy to use off the line even with manual clutch start.
  4. Some more technical videos, maybe my team strategy guides (don't think you've done one of those, might be wrong) Tyre management, and understanding tyre condition? (Again maybe missed them if you've done them) Car customisation (getting the most from the customisation tool. There's plenty to keep PJ Spielberg in videos for a while.
  5. Anytime someone provides a positive reaction to your comments you gain reputation. Being an active member and positively engaging with others will help.
  6. Just for the record, I am a codemasters fan boy. Does that make me overly biased? No. I am a sim fan. A long time dirt rally supporter (since day 1) and also a long time f1 game fan, again, since day 1. Do I prefer hard-core sim? Generally yes. I'm not a fan of grid, or any of the other arcade titles. However, a full on hard-core f1 sim would be nigh on impossible to enjoy to the extent I enjoy the current f1 game, 1000 horsepower through the rear? 50% loss of downforce through the corners?. I think, for me atleast, codemasters walk a tightrope almost impossible to walk. Manageabl
  7. I don't see the issue here. If you don't want to run legends in your team, then don't. It appears to just add a nice 'imagine if' feature. I have no issues, I'm not sure I'll take advantage of it, but stating that it has become a kiddies game is absurd. Perhaps you may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?
  8. I'd agree with that, I use 100 in game and typically 40 on wheel with a full 85 damper setup, gives me the feeling I need, and matches my braking 'memory' in other sims, such as ACC.
  9. A big one for me in my team mode would be the ability to choose components more than simply an engine supplier. You can start as a customer team where you are borrowing aero components, gearboxes from different teams as you see often with smaller teams in F1. Also you should definitely be able to have your own engines. This doesn't need to be overly complex. A simple slider mechanic offering a certain amount of points available for your own engine, power, top speed reliability maybe. Allowing you to create a powerful engine at the cost of reliability etc. This also gives us the option to
  10. Ireland has been on the gossip dream list for some time. It's the narrow lane thing. Isle of man would fill a similar role. But yea, some very iconic stages.
  11. So, Ireland and isle of man back on the gossip table?
  12. I'll have to give Latvia a go tomorrow, mind you, I still haven't tried Canada, so I have a lot of rx catching up to do.
  13. I think the bugs, whilst annoying are somewhat tolerable given how brilliant the game can be. Plus it feels increasingly like 'our game'. We all accept our own flaws more than others!
  14. Have you accessed discord? If you're having issues posting, pm me on there (same name) and I'll change your role
  15. We have a Discord championship starting up if you fancied it
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