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  1. Areyouben said:
    Well I understand he helped with the Rx. Which I very much enjoyed in D4. I just found the rally aspect a bit rubbish. I admire the ambition but for me DR was leagues ahead in all areas of the rally genre. 
    With some small tweaks to the DiRT 4 parameters it would have beaten DiRT Rally hands down. There were some small things, especially with the older RWD cars, that weren't perfectly dialed in and those things had quite a big impact on the feel of it all.

    RX proves that the physics engine is good. But having a good physics engine doesn't mean that all cars drive perfectly out of the box. You also need a lot of data so you can configure the cars the right way and extract everything from the physics. But I'm confident that Codies have learned a lot from it. If they can collect data as well as they can troll us they'll have something nice cooking for sure! :#
    It wasn't the handling I had such a problem with though I did prefer DR handling too. But the stages looked horrible in D4 for me and lacked detail and complexity of DR's stages. Felt like a backward step. That said I'm sure Codies have a plan of action  

  2. Areyouben said:
    I am quite certain I've extracted all artifacts from the image. I've edited them to only show the missing pixels (so it's easier on the eyes lol). Here they are in order from left to right, row by row. The final artifact on the second row consists of two pixels, a space, and another two pixels so I assume those four pixels are one artifact. And on row 1, artifacts 1 & 2 were right next to each other and artifacts 4 & 5 were right next to each other. Not sure if that's relevant. I like to think they were best buddies!





    Now let's figure out what they mean! :smile:

    Counting the pixels per artifact gives us:

    Making each counted row a single string:

    Or adding them together:

    And then making that a single string:

    Or adding together:

    Turning them into letters is a bit difficult. Some that I can recognize quickly:
    ? ? ? Y ?
    V W ?
    N ? ? ? T ?
    X T M L
    That's some really good graft, mate. I'm inclined toward letters more than numbers but I have nothing yet.

    Ive tried it against old Greek , Norse and Latin alphabets and also unusual expressions of Morse code. I feel something way  more obvious is at work though. 

  3. This gossip thread is its own worst enemy. The search for clues early on has made codies hide things even better. And create deliberate complexed puzzles for titbits of information. The better we get at digging info, the better codies get at hiding it .we are driving into a mind numbing paradox.  :s :sweat:

  4. urgaffel said:
    Not to be a downer but... that's not what the 13th means
    Reverse psychology, so that means it is what it means!

    I’m wondering what the opening hours mean?

    Opening Hours

    Monday & Tuesday: Appointment

    Wednesday to Friday: 6PM to 4AM

    Saturday & Sunday: 6PM to 6AM

    Could the days represent numbers. I.e Monday Tuesday = 1 and 2 etc

    And the 6am 6pm representing 18 and 06 respectively. Ohhh I dunno. Think I'm going to shun the modern world and go live in a cave and hurl rocks at pigeons. This is too much.

  5. I look forward to your results. Been watching this thread for a long long time but been unable to post until now for some reason.

    My 2.0 pence worth though is that I didn't enjoy the rally aspect of d4 but loved the detail and quality of the stages in DR so hopefully more in line with that for this new iteration.

  6. Don't know how to embed a screenshot but an email response from gossip pizza stated the following


    We are terribly sorry but we are currently on vacation until the 13th and can't accept any bookings at this moment in time. 

    All the best,

    The Gossip Pizza Team Left 90


    Getting news on 13th?