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  1. 38 minutes ago, RallyDriven said:

    Sorry if someone already posted about this, but I just started a new championship and the last round is Monte Carlo? I thought it goes live next week? For some reason it’s there instead of New Zealand. I don’t have it in free play though

    Whaaaaaat. Video to discord sil-vous-plait!

  2. I think the camera thing is fine, I kind of get what your saying, but it's a bumpy road...like, one of the big complaints (pre release) was that the roads shouldn't be smooth etc.

    Here we are with bumpy roads and you don't like it. I guess what youre after is some sort of driver head mode, where the head tilts and moves like a sort of gyroscope to adjust for attitude changes?

    Maybe that's possible, but I find that with some suspension tweaks it feels alright, also it makes Argentina that bit more scary and challenging, which is A Ok to me.

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  3. 58 minutes ago, carpa said:

    If I remember correctly, there was a problem in DR1 with Thrustmaster wheels that had almost no force feedback in some cases, while in other cases it worked just fine. If this issue is similar, it's possible not everyone is able to experience the same FFB. 

    Besides, we all should be able to set FFB to our likings, not being tied to decisions made by the developers

    Yea well I had issues with my g29 on dr1 and d4, now I have a t300 and I'm pretty happy (not completely happy) with the ffb in DR2

  4. 4 minutes ago, cflot said:


    "Finally: as we’ve mentioned on our forums, we’re continuing to investigate the concerns some of you have raised with FFB. We’re taking your feedback incredibly seriously, and we are giving this the time and investigation it deserves. We know we need to strike a fine balance between the large number of players who are happy with the FFB, and those of you who want an experience closer to the original DiRT Rally. We’ll continue to keep you informed of our progress – and once we’re happy with the update, we’re hoping to announce plans which will enable some of you to playtest it before we roll it out to everyone"


    There is ffb, the SAT and wheel friction allow me to drive in a much more authentic manner. 

    The missing things are artificial sensations that would normally be received through your seat in a real car. I imagine the ffb is as designed, however I wouldn't mind a bit of tyre slip and some road noise. To say there's no FFB is ridiculous, unless your wheel is faulty.

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  5. I was expecting ffb might take longer, though I'm personally having no issues driving the cars on my wheel, it's just lacking some immersion details such as tyre slip and surface detail.

    On the other things, I'm hoping the weather/day night cycle is fixed along with running order and ai discrepancies.


    Cheers for the heads up @ChristinaMc

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  6. 34 minutes ago, Håkonk said:

    Have anyone seen something about pacenotes in the dlc rallies from dr1?

    I assume we get Mills as co driver there also, but have a little feeling that we might get the codriver/pacenotes from dr1.


    They wouldn't release new rallies without consistency of co driver. Phil Mills will be there, if not, I fear a huge amount of burning sticks and pitchforks heading toward southam.

  7. Hopefully they patch running order. ideally I'd like to set the running order formula myself for custom champs, so as to better replicate real life.


    At the moment the intention is that the championship leader runs first on the road on day one, then the entire top 30 is reversed for subsequent days.

    In actual fact at the moment this isn't working. Right now the top 30 is reversed from day 1 onwards, so the championship leader is running 30th on the road on day 1.

    I'm assuming this will get patched as it's a simple fix, but I'd hope to be able to just flip the top 10 on subsequent days of a rally.


    To have such a dynamic tool in the game is great, but is partially wasted by us not having control over it's implementation.

  8. Yep, I second what @RodgerDavies says. Christina doesn't wake up in the morning and say "how can p*** off community members today, I could give this info, but I'm choosing not to because I live in a hollowed out volcano, laughing in an evil way, whilst slowly stroking a cat" 

    (Volcano bit may be true)

    There are sign offs, and permissions that have to be granted before info can be given due to legal restrictions etc. Christina has been candid where possible (I believe).

    Its frankly obsurd to lay blame at an individual's door, and it's possible that the final decision to make DLC offline only was only taken very recently, but maybe we will get clarification soon, we usually do.

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  9. To be honest the career mode had lost my attention anyway due to the weather, and day/night cycle.

    That said, not having DLC locations available in career mode seems like a ham fisted way of implementing DLC.

    6 location championships just aren't overly fun, given that if you have one retirement, it's pretty much season over. 9-12 events will give a proper championship feel, and to not have that content supported across all game modes seems daft, unless I'm missing something. It renders one of the most developed portions of the game almost immediately void once the new locations drop.

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