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  1. 8 minutes ago, teknoid85 said:

    in my team i did not change the tyre after a puncture because the end  was near....

    i wanted to change it on next stage after start but it don't give me the option........  :classic_dry:

    If you have a spare it will change it automatically. If you don't have a spare, it won't.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Pfei said:

    So, who runs first then in the second and successive rallies of a custom championship? And is it the same in the career championships? 

    At the moment, as far as I'm aware the championship leader runs last on the road. This is also the case with the rally leader running 30th on days 2 and 3. That's how it appears to work in DR2.

    I would rather the championship leader runs first on day 1 and then the top 10 are reversed for subsequent days. This would reflect top level rallying.


    (I have only looked into career mode and not custom championships)

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  3. I think it's unfair to call it a beta. It's facing similar issues to 90% of released games.

    Stabilise racenet and bang some road noise to the ffb in there and we're laughing.

    Also if they give me an option to adjust the way running order works in custom championships, like championship leader running first, then ill be happy little chappy fo sho.



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  4. I think day 1 could have a night stage, perhaps as the opening stage but yea there's far too many night and rain stages. This just doesn't accurately reflect rallying. I haven't had a single rally in career mode that has been dry and daytime the whole way through. This should change.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, chukonu said:

    Slight issue?

    People are losing their savegames

    in the singleplayer


    In my experience, hitting retry connect a few times works. It's annoying, very annoying. However, to not buy a game because of a first week hiccup, as an excuse, is utterly mind bendingly weird. This is clearly a temporary issue, and while I also don't agree with being forced online I can't conceive of missing out on the single best rally game ever made to date because of teething trouble.


    Just seems to me like people who we're complaining about stuff pre-release that is now sorted have simply leeched onto this very minor issue. My opinion obviously.

    But all the " apocolypse is upon us, how can i ever play this game with these game breaking issues that havent been sorted out a whole 5 days after early access" people are being fairly unreasonable.

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  6. 12 minutes ago, zoliRX said:

    Transparent as possible? The audacity :classic_laugh: Not a single mention of it prior to the game's release.
    I think the importance of the leaderboards are simply over estimated. I don't really remember anyone giving it much thought besides for the trophies in DR1. Building the Community Events into My Team was also merely a choice, not a necessity.

    I'm not going to endlessly reiterate myself like some, but I'm glad I held off my purchase and reassuring that I won't even consider buying DR2 now. This is coming from someone who owns every CMR and DiRT game, including two copies of DR1 for each console.

    Godspeed, CM. 

    Won't consider buying the game because in the first few days there is a slight issue with connection in a small portion of a brand new game that hasn't had its full release yet?



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  7. 5 minutes ago, tbtstt said:

    I'm still not ruling out just getting two Group B RX cars and the '01 Impreza and '01 Focus in DLC2. 

    I currently have everything crossed that the Group B RX cars are properly fleshed out this time around!

    I'd be quite happy with just two 01 cars. While they should be a bit slower than the late naughties ones, with a bit of tweaking it's a solid class. 


    Just to be able to go all 'Burns v Mcrae' again would be awesome.


    P.s if the peugeot 206 doesn't come I'm gonna smash a cup.

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  8. Meh, I can't think of a triple A game that hasn't released with some issues. It's just what happens. I think a game, and a games company, should be measured on how they respond to issues as opposed to on the issues themselves.


    In our case, Codemasters have been extremely attentive and responsive to the issues raised, and are working flat out to resolve them.

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