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  1. Arttu1202

    Tips for a beginner in Monaco?

    Oh looks like i was wrong with wings on the setup, it was 4-11. Anyway with classic cars high ballast is always good, so you can get good rotation. However with high ballast you need to be careful with a throttle and turning so you don't lose the car as rear oversteers a bit. Anyway here is the full setup: Wings: 4/11 Differentials: 50/55 Suspension geometry: -2.5/-1.00/0.05/0.20 Suspension: 3/2/11/9/4/5 Brakes: 85/54 Tyres: 21.0/19.5 Ballast: 11 Obviously I need to point out that this way doesn't work on 2019 cars as they are not having ballast and setting those cars up is a lot trickier than this one 🙂 Yeah I get the point that some people would like to race against each other when there is forced cockpit etc. Honestly I wouldn't mind about it if there would be option for this, it would be fun. However good start for this would be to make ranked lobbies totally driving assists off, then maybe forced cockpit as well etc. Anyway ranked is currently a joke as when I go to the lobby, I'm like 10-15s ahead on 5 lap races and then i get kicked out because of winning. So currently ranked lobbies are more or less for those who don't do league races etc.
  2. Arttu1202

    Tips for a beginner in Monaco?

    Well as that was classic car the setup was 1-11 and 11 ballast 😂 Yeah it's possible that tv pod would be faster now, however Monaco seems to be pretty easy on cockpit compared to some other tracks. Tried France for an example on Mercedes with default setup, pretty similar times (cockpit was 0.1s slower) but it was harder to nail some corners. But it's obviously more fun with cockpit which i might use on career mode but not in league races (at least not yet). I agree that TV Pod has advantage on visibility, however for me it seemed like in Monaco it actually shows too much and it was easier to concentrate on driving with cockpit but on some other tracks it's totally opposite etc. But anyway on one lap pace there might not be too much difference on the view as it's mostly about pure pace. However i don't know about longer stints, as it might increase the tire wear if car's rear moves a bit more on cockpit than on tv pod etc. I'm just waiting for VR as then cockpit would feel natural, now it's a bit too limited as it's pure tunnel vision and can't see mirrors. But i admit that TV Pod in the other hand shows too much, so it's not good either. So basically time to go to chase cam or nose cam 😂 About T1, i made there a bit of mistake as you can see from delta, however coming there from left is the way i do it. I just missed the apex as you need to cut that kerb a lot.
  3. Arttu1202

    Tips for a beginner in Monaco?

    So here is the lap 🙂 Can't wait Blunt to come here and tell how much minimap helped on time trial lap 😂
  4. Arttu1202

    Tips for a beginner in Monaco?

    I actually improved 😂 As the event is over I did few laps on time trial, with same setup and same car. Also i can tell you that i did probably 5 times more laps on TV pod when i was making the setup for the event. So that TV pod time should be pretty good comparison. I'm uploading video currently to the youtube and post it here when it's uploaded TV Pod time: 1:10.292 Cockpit time: 1:10.178 So here is all laps i did on cockpit. As you can see it took few laps to build the pace as i'm not used to it. Obviously I had that previous practice on TV pod for the event, so that's why it was probably easy to improve on cockpit also. However some turns felt easier on cockpit and it was much more fun than TV Pod obviously.
  5. Arttu1202

    Tips for a beginner in Monaco?

    I don't know if these help you but did 1:10.416 on weekly event qualifying: https://youtu.be/tDQhrX7AHx0 Also the race is here (currently 3rd score on Ps4 but will probably be around P10 when event is over): https://youtu.be/VP5_7Bevb6U
  6. Arttu1202

    League racing question.

    The problem with practice mode is that the track stays ”cold” all the time. So grip levels are bad compared to qualifying and race which causes different tire wear and different setups because of lack of grip. For an example in qualifying track conditions change, basically at the begin of qualifying the grip is bad but in the end after many laps have been driven, the grip is so much better.
  7. Arttu1202

    League racing question.

    Yeah I get you, I'm struggling myself with this too, however i have few friends with who i'm mainly training for races. Inviting other Ps4 account doesn't work, you need another Ps4 and game for that one to do that. I'm just ****** that codemasters haven't added option for training with equal cars as sometimes you need to wait like 30 minutes for someone to join unranked lobby.
  8. Arttu1202

    League racing question.

    The way basically is creating basic setup in TT with Mercedes or Ferrari. Then creating unranked lobbies where you adjust that setup to work on equal cars. The only problem with this is that using unranked lobbies, you need to wait someone to join, unless you are training with a friend. But basically that's the only way to create good equal car setups. Of course you can try to create setups in GP mode with Mercedes and Ferrari but then you need to adjust those too in unranked lobbies. The problem here is that codies haven't given option to use equal cars in TT or GP mode, also you can't drive in unranked lobbies by yourself or against AI (unless you use practice mode, however that one is too slippery and those setups don't work in quali or race).
  9. Arttu1202

    Wheel vs. Controller Ps4

    Pad is having better traction than wheel. Basically it's easy to notice in wet conditions, also when accelerating from slow speed corners, pad is getting so much better traction. However I'm just waiting for the patch as it will increase downforce, which might make it easier for wheel and level the playing field between wheel and pad.
  10. Arttu1202

    Big changes needed.

    Probably changed as i don't have option for 'ready up', it's just saying that waiting for players. Obviously there might be differences based on platform, I'm on Ps4 so that might be the case as well.
  11. Arttu1202

    Big changes needed.

    How does this work? I tried to create a LAN session, however it still makes me wait other people. Tried to add AI etc. to start session but didn't work. Obviously i could use practice mode, however the track is so slippery that same setups don't apply in qualifying and race.
  12. Arttu1202

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    Same happens to me on Ps4 when trying to open mailbox. Because of that error I can’t claim weekly event trophy and career mode trophies...
  13. Have you checked your mailbox? At least i needed to claim rewards from there. Career mode trophies need to be claimed in the same way.
  14. Arttu1202

    Big changes needed.

    They should add possibility to use equal cars and multiplayer cars in gp mode. Shouldn’t be too hard to add this option as it’s already used in online lobbies. Currently it’s too hard to try to create setups for equal/multiplayer cars as you need to wait sometimes really long time that someone enteres to the lobby. Also TT setups and ”realistic” cars are totally different compared to equal/multiplayer cars, so only place where you can create setups for these cars is online lobbies. This is problem considering league racing and weekly events as those both are using equal/multiplayer cars. So unless you have half an hour time to wait in the lobby to drive 18min short qualy, then you are fine. However i don’t think people like/can to wait this long... Also AI should be changed for qualifying. Currently AI is driving outlap like hotlap and not leaving gap to the player’s car when starting the lap. For an example on current weekly event AI was less than 1 car length behind me during whole first sector of time lap which basically ruins the concentration totally. These kind of things shouldn’t happen considering you can’t drive weekly event qualifying again unless you are willing to take time penalty for it.
  15. Game is giving corner cutting warnings/penalties for going to the pit stop in Australia. Also no pit stop lights for multiplayer cars, it's a real struggle when game makes you wait in the pit for others to pass and your car is already dropped. Platform: PS4 Game Version: 1.04 Gameplay: Unranked Multiplayer with Multiplayer Cars Corner cutting rules: Strict EDIT: If video doesn't start at the right place, then check 35:16