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  1. 1. I took time on loading times on my latest session in My Team. It looks like the longest waiting times are when you are trying to enter to the workstation. Waiting times seem to be long also when entering to the race. Also I just opened the game and headed straight to the my team so game session was completely new. Here are the results: -Main menu -> workstation 40s -Workstation -> practice 1 15s -Practice 1 -> workstation 32s -Workstation -> Practice 2 13s -Practice 2 -> Workstation 37s -Workstation skipping Practice 3 and going to resource points gained screen 15s -Resource points gained screen -> Workstation 42s -Workstation -> Qualifying 18s -Qualifying -> Workstation 32s -Workstation -> Race intro 36s -Race intro -> to the cockpit on the grid 30s -Back to HQ after gaining resource points 20s -HQ -> Workstation 62s Report Code from settings: TSDC-EGGB-STMH-HBEG 2. PS4 Base 3. 1.03 (1.04 update) 4. At least My team 5. Probably 6 times or so. 6. None 7. Fanatec CSL Elite 8. -
  2. Of course ABS should be slower considering it's an assists. In real life Formula 1 cars wouldn't have ABS so there shouldn't be that in the game either. However there is ABS on the game, therefore it should be slower than ABS off. On the last game braking distances were longer for ABS and if you missed your braking point then you understeered to narnia. However in this game braking distances are actually shorter as you can apply maximum pressure longer compared to ABS off. Also you can make the corner easily instead of understeering as you would do with ABS off when locking up.
  3. Australia dry TT times, PS4. On top 100 there are 44 ABS users and the fastest one is in 2nd (1:18.523). 5 out of Top10 times are with ABS. Zandvoort dry TT times, PS4. On top 100 there are 58 ABS users, the fastest one is 1st (1:07.848). 9 out of top10 times are with ABS. Baku dry TT times, PS4. On top 100 there are 48 ABS users, the fastest one is 1st (1:36.697). 6 out of top10 times are with ABS. Bahrain dry TT times, PS4. On top 100 there are 59 ABS users, the fastest one is 1st (1:24.391). 6 out of Top10 times are with ABS. So please think again. Seeing that around 50% of top100 times are done with ABS is way too much. 10% would be more reasonable if those are guys are really fast. I think that 10% would be closer to the number what there were on the last game on PS4. Also I'm seeing guys in top10 on those leaderboards who barely made to top50 with ABS on last game. This just shows that ABS is way too good now. I don't think that this is good comparison at all. Those guys are super quick on other areas also than just braking, their cornering speed and traction out of corners are insane. So if you start comparing some random guys with ABS on esport guys, then of course it looks like assists aren't so strong. However anyone with assists on shouldn't be withing 1 second of those esport guys.
  4. Esport guys wouldn't even use ABS as it's forbidden in those live events. So now you are comparing top of the top players (who are getting paid for driving) against some others who do it for fun. If you check PS4 zandvoort for an example, you see that ABS players are doing 1:07.9 times - which are equal to what those esport players are doing. Sounds right? Here is one of the fastest pad players on PS4 telling his opinions about ABS: I'm also pretty sure I have seen esports guys complain about ABS (at least about pad) but most of those tweets are deleted as they got s*it storm. You can see similar feedback about ABS from Louis Welch who is probably the fastest pad player in the world. Even I feel like ABS is faster than ABS off after few laps (and i haven't used in years). I'm not the slowest guy either, missed pro draft only by 0.1s in Ps4 at playoff series on the last game. So yeah, there are complains about this - you just need to listen/read them.
  5. Yeah it's possible for leagues to decide to if they allow ABS or not. But the problem is that some people really need it in smaller leagues and some people just use it to gain advantage. Let's say there is some small league with 1 or 2 divisions. Obviously they want to allow ABS as they don't want to lose drivers. However these few guys get some extra pace from this assist, which leads to the point where everyone is using it in the end. That's why assists can't be better than assists off. With ranked lobbies I guess all assists are allowed. I don't really play these so I don't know for sure. On the last game in those Esport qualification events they reduced total score by x% based on assists used, it was pretty decent way. However this year it probably needs bigger % cut if ABS is used. I think they used similar system in weekly events also, hopefully they still do that on this game. TT filter would be good thing, also they should start mentioning there if line is used (even that telemetry line from the ghost time). Also wheel/pad filter/mention would be good add. Anyway all improvements are welcome to TT, it has been pretty much same for a long time. Filters and equal cars (to gp mode as well) would be a great thing to have.
  6. In Formula 1 cars don't have ABS, TC or dynamic RL, so those shouldn't be even available in the game in the first place. However they are there for people to get into the game easier. So obviously these assists shouldn't be used anywhere where is some kind of leaderboard or competitive situation unless they are worse than driving without assists. This includes: Online, Esport Events, Weekly Events and TT. On the last game ABS & TC were pretty well balanced as ABS had longer braking distances compared to ABS off and with TC on you didn't get full power at the acceleration phase. Racing line in the other hand has been superior assist in last games and probably still is as the best competitive people were able to use the changing color of the line as throttle and braking markers. However ABS now gives you outright pace which doesn't even require any skill as RL does. Even though I have been against racing line for couple of years now, it looks like ABS is bigger issue currently. So in other words, ABS needs to be nerfed or removed completely from everywhere where people are able to drive against each other.
  7. Yeah this is a joke now. Anyone who is saying ABS isn't too good after this one should change their minds. @BarryBL Please note this topic. It's not my team issue like most of bug reports but it's fundamental game issue.
  8. It’s not about making casual players slower. It’s about to stop competitive players from exploiting stupidly over powered assist. Also casual players shouldn’t care if ABS is nerfed, couple of tenths doesn’t make a difference when competing against AI as you can lower the level of it. However couple of tenths does make a HUGE difference when league racing or doing TT laps. Assists should be for players who don’t know how to drive without them. Now people who know how to drive without assists decide to use ABS because it’s too good. In game, assists should always make player slower - even the racing line (which is still OP as it has been couple of years now). Even the name ”assists” reffers as something for noobs. Driving the game with assists should be same as driving a bike with training wheels (only to be used until you learn the real thing).
  9. Yeah it seems like ABS is way to go in this game which is most certainly disturbing. Assists should help people who doesn't know how to drive without them however it shouldn't make fast guys even faster. In the game no assists should ALWAYS be faster than with assists on. If you check the photo below from Zandvoort TT, you may notice the pattern of the fastest times. On that photo there is only one guy without assists and he is probably the fastest guy (at least top3) in PS4 currently without assists. The photo was taken straight after patch 1.04 came to PS4. So like in F1 2019, ABS should make braking distances longer. Now it doesn't do that. Currently you can actually apply higher braking force through it as you don't need to trail brake at the end of braking phase. Also with ABS you can even turn the car without getting massive understeer which you get when locking up. Think about Vietnam turn 1 or Vietnam hairpin, you really need to lift the brakes before turning as those are slow speed corners, however with abs you can start turning at the same time when trying to hit that apex. This makes braking distances longer for ABS off. Does that seem fair or even reasonable? For sure no.
  10. Arttu1202

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    ABS seems to be OP currently. If you check TT leaderboards on PS4, most of top times are made with ABS on. I haven’t driven with ABS for two years now and just tried it, it’s way too good. Braking distances are equal when there is no risk of locking up with ABS off. However for an example Vietnam T1, you can gain hugely time because you can brake a bit later than with ABS off as you can start turning at the same time without worrying about locking up. It was well balanced in F1 2019 as with ABS braking distances were longer. It should be like this in F1 2020 also as ABS is an assist. Is this going to be nerfed?