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  1. It's not up right now. You will be able to do it once www.dirtrally2.com/clubs is available
  2. for now, I would simply wait for racenet to come back (and thus choose "cancel" on the screen you have). My connection is far slower than yours, so update is still downloading here, but racenet not up could be an explanation
  3. Unexpected moments are back !
  4. yes the same. Can it be some moderation regarding unauthorized video posted or something like that ?
  5. Audi in australia is reallly great ! I can't wait to get the game :) Aston do not have the noise of the real one, BUT the video is making me more confident on tarmac handling. The porsche in drift mode worried me a lot !! 
  6. Porsche on Asphalt footage(s) has worried me (too slippy for my taste, no grip at all), but the 30min video just make me regain confidence !  There is, for my taste, a real improvement in cosmetic aspects (general graphics), and I love the atmosphere of the rallys presented ! On  "gameplay" part, it looks pretty close to dirt Rally 1 in philosophy, so all good for me :) On a side note, you, native english speakers were lucky to get Paul at pacenotes for dirt rally 1. Dirt rally 2 bring a really step up regarding this for non native english speakers : A professional co driver  !
  7. It has been use in 2017 by Francois Delecour in national championship (it was supposed to be at 2018 M-C also) :  https://youtu.be/VkH_S6C1kdA
  8. I just watch the show a 2nd time, and I'm quite excited to drive those rwd! Dirt 4 is definitely from the past now! Well done to all the team! 
  9. The French recording sessions begin next week, so stay tuned! I'll try and snap some pics. ;)  That is, again, some great news :) Thanks for the stolen pics :p
  10. The French recording sessions begin next week, so stay tuned! I'll try and snap some pics. ;)  Tres bon.  Trop bon, faut emmener les baguettes pour en célébrer :smile: https://youtu.be/EuXdhow3uqQ
  11. I like the way they used trhe same Dirt Rally codriver technique for incoming 2.0, with some refinement. But moreover, as the non native english speaker, I LOVE to hear that they use the same technique for french !! Iä wonder which co-driver they invite for french :) (Daniel Elena ? :P)
  12. Not necessarily, it's maybe just a "marketing" deal withVolkswagen, and as their future car is the Polo R5, they put it in front cover. 
  13. Yeah ! 6 new locations. I secretly hope that we will be able to import the 6 from Dirt Rally ! Longggg wait until February
  14. Something is commminnnng ! Body is 14 characters too short.
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