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  1. Yes, I can here to post about this. Happens to me too.
  2. Agree. Whoever did the handling for F12021 is a legend!
  3. I love this feature. Be nice if there were more but even having engine failure is great. I just had an engine failure at silverstone. Not had feelings on an F1 game like this since Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix on the Amiga. (For those who remember)
  4. I'd rather it was a full calender in all game modes and not a COVID affected one. I don't want an epidemic ruining my computer games too. But yeah, having a custom calender option along with ordering would accomodate for all preferences.
  5. There's a few other threads on this on the forum. I had this problem too. I think it is a bug as it doesn't show OSD customisation in time trial or practice. As soon as I moved to qualifying the OSD customisation option suddenly came alive and I was able to make the changes I needed to.
  6. Imola is old school beauty. Can't wait for it.
  7. I should add, I made it come back by doing a mid-session save and reloading.
  8. Just happened to me too on series x. Myteam mode. Spain race
  9. No problem buddy. On my xbox, from the main menu, push down on the left stick, It then shows a menu with the following three options. 1. Podium Pass 2. Mail 3. Super Licence You want 'mail'.
  10. Yep, that's true. A livery, lid, gloves etc etc called 'breakthrough'.
  11. I'm on xbox and found this in my 'inbox' within f12021. Accessible from the main menu I beleive.
  12. Hi, I also had this problem and I think it is a bug. The OSD customisaton option does not seem to appear in time trial or practice, but does when you get to qualifying.
  13. Completely agree. This is almost game-breaking for me. Ruining my enjoyment of the game.
  14. Completely agree. We have AI level between 0-110? in other modes? But only 3 levels in braking point. Madness.
  15. Gimmick. It doesn't really work either. There are 3 levels to pick. The middle one is too easy. 'Hard' is too hard. (Especially in the F2 car) I couldn't see anywhere to change the AI level like in other modes. I would say it would be nice if they have different stories depending on if you failed/achieved the target, but I won't say that, as I'd rather the devs didn't waste their time with this trash. Get the tracks up-to-date first.
  16. It's not a bug but it is a serious regression. AI levels are all over the place track to track so I used to go into a session and quit and start again a lot until it was right. Now, once you go to the session, that's it, your stuck on that difficulty for that session, even if you quit. Really, really, frustrating!!!
  17. It is so frustrating. Because the AI level is all over the place track-to-track, it's essential to be able to quit out of a session if you've got the level too low/high. I used to quit and change it when it was loading all the time in F12020. Not possible anymore. 😞
  18. Spain feels a lot better on the kerbs, especially the kerbs near the end of the lap.
  19. It does not appear on the loading screen anymore, that is for sure. Annoying!
  20. Re track additions and updates, I agree and I am frustrated that Braking Point took precendent over getting track updates into the game. But I have to say, I do like the handling, I feel it is better than 2020. Menus, not noticed them enough to annoy me.
  21. I absolutely love the way the car handles now. That is a serious improvement. Another good thing is the quick practice to reduce the boredom of the same old practice programmes. I only wish they'd allowed us to turn off claire's questions after each session as well. These are VERY repetitive and could do with an option to remove them. (Or even a change of scenery/interviewer) Something! Braking point is this years gimmick to entice the netflix audience to the game. Fair enough I suppose, but going forward, please don't neglect other areas of the game for things like this. I don't thi
  22. Yes, this is true. Next time I get to another practice session I'll check this again.
  23. Strangely I went to qualifying, the customisation option suddenly appeared on the menu. But it wasn't there for practice. (Bahrain)
  24. devJS

    Feels awful

    I think it feels a lot better. And as for kerbs, never really used them anyway. Slamming the throttle over them should result in a spin/turbulance.
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