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  1. Hi, Am I being silly? I can't seem to be able to customise the OSD like I could in F12020? I want to reduce the size of the driver names (top left) and sector times (top right) In cockpit mode they are huge and get in the way of the driving eye line. Has anyone else been able to customise the OSD?
  2. There is as much chance of Ferrari getting nerfed in this game as there was of them getting punished for cheating for 2 seasons.
  3. This really surprises me. A £200+ bit of equipment and it doesn’t work on one of the biggest selling racing games. Like selling an car without wheels.
  4. I like it. Builds up the race start. The closer to real F1 the better.
  5. Thanks for this, other than Monaco, this is working for me. Also for the youtube vids, really helpful.
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