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  1. Let’s see your developer skills. Knock out F1 2021 for us.
  2. Is this really what it’s come to? Genuinly couldn’t care less about all these stickers being correct, but wouldn’t mind the development time going towards making the game feel genuinely new for F12021.
  3. There is as much chance of Ferrari getting nerfed in this game as there was of them getting punished for cheating for 2 seasons.
  4. When you reply to a thread after reading its title and nothing else.
  5. Hey codies, where is the update to include the Mugello track? Of course I am joking, but, wow, watching these cars /onboards around Mugello, how nice would it be to have a go ourselves. They need to put tracks like this on the calendar again next season.
  6. Man, despite enjoying f12020, there was something making me not really want to play it that often, so this thread really resonated with me. I love some of those ideas, that is the direction the game needs to go in.
  7. This really surprises me. A £200+ bit of equipment and it doesn’t work on one of the biggest selling racing games. Like selling an car without wheels.
  8. Just sat behind Verstappen for 6 laps at Hungary while he couldn’t get past a Williams. Do me a favour. ai v ai is terrible in f12020. I’ve seen far too many long trains so far.
  9. Sorry can’t help, all I can say is I am getting them. What I will add is I’d happily swap situations with you. I detest those interviews, the same voice, for god knows how many F1 games now. Wish codies would get rid of them. F12020 is such a good game though but wish I could turn them off.
  10. I like it. Builds up the race start. The closer to real F1 the better.
  11. I presume the others outside the top 10 on a better strategy are benefiting from you and others pitting early. Can you post your lap times and some ai’s to compare. as well as strategy/tyre choice. Or try 50% distance and see if anything gets better.
  12. I agree, I think F12020 is still the best of the bunch but ai overtaking has taken a step backwards. It is most noticeable on the rare times you get a mixed grid. Even the best cars struggle to overtake.
  13. Not your fault, for sure. Dumb AI. The only thing is perhaps your line is a bit unnatural. You could move left a bit, closer to bottas on the run to the corner.
  14. Thanks for this, other than Monaco, this is working for me. Also for the youtube vids, really helpful.
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