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  1. Silverstone and Suzuka, I haven't found the pace on those tracks since F1 2020
  2. I have the same feeling that AI always use new set of tyres in qualyfing and also to me there is something missing, in real F1 drivers have more sets of tyres for qualy and race, it is often shown the amount of tyres they have, at least 6 sets of soft, if I am not wrong they bring some tyres they not used in FP1 and FP2 to FP3 and then save tyres for qualy and race. Maybe someone who understands better than me could explain
  3. I have an opinion about all issues like this one of kerbs, I also have a lot of spinning in some kerbs and I see in real formula 1, drivers running over them hardly, but at the same time, others users don't have this problem, so what I would suggest to Codemasters is to include more options of realism, I also have problems with fuel saving, again let the users choose the level of realism they want. After all this is a game and everyone should enjoy it in their own way. Just a thought
  4. Thanks man, I understand that they want to be as close as possible to real F1, but there are a lot other things to improve in that matter. For example, real F1 drivers have more tires available for qualy and race, they don't returns all the tires that we do in the game. It is a game, the users should choosse how close they want to be to real F1, ABS is also not allowed, but we have the option. Cheers
  5. Can I set any option to enable changing the fuel mode to economy during the race? I really don't understand why they changed that, with some many things to improve or add. It is not real, when you have no fuel then you are put in ecominy mode reducing your pace, what is the point? Thanks
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