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  1. For me, it doesn’t. I guess it depends on the driving style. For me, so far so good. I share my ps4 with my bros, so i had to go back to the menu in the service. I hope to finish it today.
  2. Hey! Can anyone send me or post the link to the club so i can join it?
  3. That kind of leagues with the “progress over day” sounds really good. Hope codies let us use stage degradetion also, to be even more tricky.
  4. Yes, that’s good. Or maybe try to do something like 2 long stages and a Power Stage with a short and reverse stage. It depends if codies let us see the time per stage or only the overall time.
  5. I’m in. What about the people that doesn’t buy the DLC and wanna compete in the league? Are they gonna do all rallies except the DLC1 (Sweden, Monte and Germany)
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