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  1. What about they grab all those PC2 data for F1 2021(2). Dreams.
  2. This is an example of once devs really want a perfectly executed track they definitely can do it. I wish every single track on this game would've got this sort of a fantastic overhaul one day. 👍
  3. Haven’t been practicing prior the race, hence I couldn’t hook up lap in quali. Blasting first lap promised decent result, but slightest mistake from myself spun me out of contest.
  4. Well 3 days may progressively be increased to 3 weeks ban from any social race whatsoever. As I said more points more time there is to rest and apply oneself. 😉
  5. If rammers could get ban for 3 days it possibly reduce amount of their "outstandingness". We can also implement drivers' penalty points like in real F1, more point less ramming.
  6. - Jarno you will not have early access for next year. - Tweet has been deleted. 😁
  7. When coding AI speed in general at some stage of its development something went wrong, particularly the AI behavior on most high speed corners on the game was broken as a result.
  8. Accelerating AND steering triggers autospin effect, so avoidance of this behaviour while driving is key to finish the race safely. (Second part of the sentence was sponsored by Heineken 0.0%) ☺️
  9. Have you guys noticed there's some grandstand audio now being hearable which earlier was not. Something like the grandstand volume level was increased somehow for actual (not replay) onboard camera view. It's kind of distracting when approaching to 1 corner you hear background voice from trackside commentator or whoever it is ALONG with sound of 1000+ horsepower engine.
  10. ETA October or late September if they were pushing like a hell as Jarno Trulli did long time ago.)
  11. This bug is fundamentally hidden in AI behaviour on lots of tracks so it does take more time fixing it.
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