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  1. Including all new tracks at release day, as well as performance levels of cars NOT based on unrepresentative testings data but rather based on averaging all passed races. Everything else is secondary in my mind.
  2. I'd want all new tracks are completed by release.
  3. Wish they'd use different steering wheels for each driver. I can say that Bottas's one has different colors of buttons on his wheel, DRS activation control is behind the wheel. Hamilton's layout used for both cars. Basically F1 is all about these small things added together.
  4. Jeffy should retire already, road for youth!!!
  5. Will we see kerbs painted green and white like IRL or this task is on schedule for F1 2022 game, just out of curiosity?
  6. Funny thing, we ask a lot to change kerbs to make them flat like in real life ones, but at Jeddah all kerbs are flat and needed to be higher at some turns (5, 10, 17, 22), sadly it requires AI training for that again -> i.e. F1 2022.
  7. As per usual, unfortunately. Either the FIA provided the data late or the FIA changed it once the track was accepted by Masi as soon as this week and after CM had finished the track and trained the AI.
  8. Again drs change will require rebalance AI, this takes ages for CM it seems.(
  9. Well, thank you for such an extended reply! Firstly, I always raced with the racing line until 2019. In my opinion and it has been proving to be right by many drivers I raced with that using the line is greatly improve general racing skills. Not only can you brake at near perfect spot every time you also fence yourself off from mistakes of not perfect hitting those braking points as well, same goes to wheel-to-wheel battles. Red colored always vividly assist you when its time to brake. As you may know braking in particular defines how good the driver is, how good you perform
  10. Traction Control, Auto gears, ABS. I'd also add racing line as shown assist, since a lot of people use it to go fast, you know :)
  11. I'm on a controller (logitech chillsteam) which has no vibrations whatsoever and yet I drive without abs assist. Should I get a credit for that or not? :)
  12. I believe we may get one in the next patch since CM finally released all new tracks. Some choking of not having F2 2021 season, so it may has higher priority developing-wise than the AI speed, who knows.
  13. Blackbird


    Imagine a track which would combine Hanoi and Jeddah in one single circuit. 😂
  14. It def must be considered for next year game, although I'd push it done sooner, obviously. With what's coming next year with all new tracks CM wold going need to add, I wonder why all these years some older tracks left unfinished.
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