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  1. I wonder if it's possible for CM to make an off season dlc pack for multiplayer only with some tracks which previously was presented on F1 series. I assume it doesn't need to train Ai and stuff, so lots of players can have fun of battling off season on off season tracks. Why would FOM be mad at this idea, season's off why bother.)
  2. I am, but driving on a controller might be different to a wheel. I felt on 1.11 car became more stable generally, on 1.12 not much of a difference, like I never had any particular issues with kerbs, if anything was fixed I have not feel it.
  3. Those are lines which contributed to welcoming back the almighty 50% brake bias, am I right?
  4. In terms of what? Rear wheel locking was buried, that's for sure, though. Did it lead to changed handling that much? I wouldn't say that. Except now everyone uses 50% BB, whereas before I could manage going as low as 54% in a race situations to be able to gain some advantage on powerful braking without locking the rears. All mentioned above is experience of a no assist driving, of course.)
  5. Doesn't matter if "should be" is determined by mysterious stakeholders who presumably were in charge of not allowing cheaty Ferrari being slow in F1 2020 and keeping the whole field closer to the top 2 at that time. I don't complain for how the field is represented on F1 2021, though.)
  6. Mystery. Why would they bother if next year Valtteri's cap nor gloves is not blue anyways. 😜
  7. Did not make it through the circles of stakeholders approval.))
  8. I tend to agree with that the OT button use should be limited big time, like use it for several times in race to preparing for a move or defend.
  9. Have you thought that even tiny bit of a change to circuit requires massive work on couple of things like training every AI driver to handle this change, including their attacking, defending or going side by side and stuff. Another question is if this could be done rather sooner as we all would like it to be.
  10. I hope we don't have China/Portimao removed in multiplayer at least.
  11. Can I partner with @kimirai991 to fight for the Constractors'. 😊
  12. I meant did they use it in leagues not in unrepresentative TT. I watch Opmeer's racing sometimes and can honestly say I did not see 50% bb or him sliding to make a corner.
  13. How do you know that? I personally believe they did a better job this time, because now we have similar max speeds to what I see in real F1 while maintaining high downforce levels. I remember questioning David Greco whether he would simply cut the downforce levels to make cars slower pace-wise, since the downforce was ok to me, but top speeds and speed in low speed corners were not.
  14. When we get (hopefully) ability to drive in the pit lane by ourselves we talk about what’s accurate or not.😎
  15. Actually, they can use as low as 54%, but only for the first corner at the start or while preparing for overtaking under braking.
  16. Did anyone really see any sort of drifting while cornering at low speeds from esports drivers? I didn’t.
  17. I'm choking of Crofty's intensive wordflow which has been expanding to immense measure for the last couple of years.
  18. At Apple Codemasters we don't remove or add things without thorough reason.))
  19. @BarryBL Talking about quality of connection, if possible for you to tell what is exact ping numbers of connectivity indications which displayed in multiplayer lobby. Sometimes red connectivity has no issues with cars being laggy.
  20. This game desperately needs new engine in future, in fact, it should have been made years ago already. All these bugs comes here and there as a result of a legacy cursed engine. Otherwise I can't see why it have not been fixed through years of development.
  21. This is what was captured by GeForce Experience thing and uploaded to YT as is or do you mean the original video, like the video file? Once it uploaded and processed to HD I delete it, but I'm not sure I did it yet. Need to check.
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