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  1. Brake testing should never cause rear wing damage, but rather it can break the floor or the diffuser.
  2. Not rear wing but rather floor or diffuser.
  3. Not sure whether it's any sort of a factor at all, but last time in 2019 beta application there was a column where you'd include why do you want participate. I don't recall I had written something significant apart from obvious like common annoying bugs that time but luckily I was selected last year. For those who did not make it, I honestly can say don't feel bad about it. This is not something that one should be despair for. 🤝
  4. Whenever he applies brakes those numbers going from white to red color, meaning that brake temps are increased.
  5. What you saw on his dash was brakes temps.
  6. Beta testing is like F1 pre season testing. You go out, you test, again and again. If something's wrong with the car (bug found) you ask engineer to have a look (possible to replicate), then at the end of test day you debrief with the team (bug reporting). Next day is all over again. 😉
  7. He haas unlimited plan for a year.)
  8. Perez's greatest perk is tyre saving, BUT he's yet to show it. And now being like what twice as less points as Max makes the team use him as second fiddle from the get go.
  9. I heard Mugello are not particularly happy with the dates. Nurburg always has had some financial issues, whereas Red Bull Ring has massive support from all sides.) I personally root for "not again double Austria".)
  10. Chance of this happening is pretty low. As far as I understand 2021 game engine is same as 2020 was. I hope next gen engine provides better and more developed level of damage.
  11. KulishS


    Yep, more wake effect and much higher slipstream force is needed.
  12. In Russia/Kazakhstan the price has double up for obvious rEAson.
  13. Had same issue, solved by checking game cache.
  14. I wonder why can't flags of all countries be included? Why do we have this inequality? Not good.
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