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  1. sergey_blackbird


    In beta times I offered Barry my help to make some localization fixes for Russian version of the game, because some of translations are complete out of context of F1 terminology and present on F1 games for a long long time.
  2. sergey_blackbird

    New liveries and sponsors

    No kid can be influenced by it. This is life. Depravity is on every corner.
  3. sergey_blackbird

    PC Forum Championship - Season 2

    Apologies lads, I could not make it yesterday. I ask Barry or up 100 to put me as a reserve for the time being.)
  4. sergey_blackbird

    New liveries and sponsors

    What's wrong with Dufry sponsor, then? I hope sometime by the end of current season we get to see it in game. McLaren looks so pale without writings on sildepods, FW flaps.
  5. sergey_blackbird

    Performance Patch coming soon?

  6. sergey_blackbird

    Controller vs Wheel

    Advantages of pad against wheel: a bit earlier full throttle out of slow corners in dry, sometimes quite a bit earlier in full wet conditions. almost always perfect steering angle, i.e. one can hit an apex quite easily. Disadvantages of pad against wheel: inability to quickly and more crucially precisely changing directions. front tyre wear is pretty much always an issue, due to the nature of sticks of pad and in general tyre wear is higher on controller. I'd say more or less both are equated each other but to make a step forward driving-wise it's always going to be a wheel and pedal based device.
  7. sergey_blackbird

    Livery updates as promised

    I wonder whether friendly Dufry sponsor will be added?
  8. sergey_blackbird

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Only Marchionne was a true passionate of F1 and Ferrari foremost. Can't say same for those who in charge of Scuderia now.
  9. sergey_blackbird

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    My bet is that Ferrari is going to be +- at the bottom of midfield pack for remaining races, since other midfield teams understand their cars better now. I'd say on most remaining races it's looks like they will get points only by some chaotic things happening.
  10. sergey_blackbird

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Well Monza is not an easy track to overtake on. All cars are tuned to lowest downforce possible, hence pretty much all are towing each other. 1. Midfield pack was close, in Monza this closeness was even greater. 2. A genuine top car in race was Merc, which allowed them (excl. Bottas) perform some easy overtakes of lower-tier cars, look how time-consuming was battle with Albon, for example. Monza is not a track one should make judgement on who's faster. One thing is sure, though, Ferrari is somewhere deep down in water and Merc is somewhere high up in the sky.)
  11. sergey_blackbird

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    http://mclarenf-1.com/index.php?page=chart&gp=1045&graf=3&dr1=Lando Norris&dr2=Lance Stroll https://f1bythenumbers.com/2020-belgian-gp-race-pace-10-fastest/ This is where you can compare race pace of different drivers.
  12. sergey_blackbird

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Mostly agree with the rankings. But races are the ones where you get the points. IMO, race pace is what defines a good or not good car. 😉
  13. sergey_blackbird


    Have you tried a fantastic feature of this game - Career mode, in which you can make whatever car you like to be the fastest of anybody else. No more Ferrari suffer. Sounds good? I bet it does.
  14. sergey_blackbird


    Do we talk here about F1 2020 The Official Game or someone's personal wishes?
  15. sergey_blackbird


    Well this is life. Sometimes teams can be that slow.