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  1. sergey_blackbird

    Clapping sound start/finish

    Had same issue, solved by checking game cache.
  2. sergey_blackbird

    Country Flag

    I wonder why can't flags of all countries be included? Why do we have this inequality? Not good.
  3. sergey_blackbird

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Does Codemasters plan on making final performance update after 2020 season is finished? @BarryBL
  4. sergey_blackbird

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Yeap. The "red tractor" still is kinda OP, but it's better than nothing. Red Bulls are too close to Mercs as well.
  5. sergey_blackbird

    Which track is your favorite?

  6. sergey_blackbird

    Increase braking power

    A bad lockup eats out around 1% of tyre wear. It's negligible in my opinion.
  7. sergey_blackbird

    Increase braking power

    I personally feel ok with stopping power, you can generally brake later than in 2019. What I'd really be happy with if we had punishment for all those tyre lockups, not just a visual effect of it.
  8. sergey_blackbird

    Favorite Classic Car

  9. sergey_blackbird

    next update

    What's the difference between an Esports build and a regular build, though?
  10. sergey_blackbird

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Ferrari's pace in quali was a hoax. In the race Ricciardo was slower by 1.5 sec to Hamilton per lap, Leclerc was even slower as per usual by more than 2 sec per lap!
  11. sergey_blackbird

    next update

    Patch is/was in testing for 2 days, according to steam database. Usually it means the patch is ready and soon to be released.
  12. sergey_blackbird

    next update

    Patch 12 is coming up very soon.
  13. sergey_blackbird

    Difference in setups wheel v pad

    Used. One fast lap in short quali and formation lap, so at race start they had like 12ish % of wear already. At China I recall using 2-6 on suspension stiffness, 1-10 ARB, 1-4 ride hide, standard suspension geometry left left right right and 2/3-8 wings, as for tyre pressures I used something like 21.1 on fronts and 21.5 on rears.
  14. sergey_blackbird

    Difference in setups wheel v pad

    I have not had a race on F1 2020 at those tracks yet, but from previous years I can say that I do get more deg on rear tyres (at Canada 2019 I had 52%-45% on fronts, 65%-62% on rears, soft tyres, 50% race distance, prior pit stop on lap 10), but not as much as wheel users who get up to 30% of a difference in tyre wear between fronts and rears (at Baku tyre wear was like this 34%-41% fronts, 59%-68% rears, soft tyres, 50% race distance, prior pit stop on lap 6). All those tyre wear numbers are based on NO assists usage.)
  15. sergey_blackbird

    Difference in setups wheel v pad

    Interestingly, I get more deg on fronts than on rears pretty much on every track, at China my front left is is such an example of it. On tracks like Suzuka, I have all 4 tyres evenly wearing out. Maybe your steering inputs are more smooth, somehow?