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  1. @BarryBL 1. Bahrain, Adu Dhabi, Singapore, Monaco all have lights on even in daylight!!! 2. Pitlane speed at Silverstone is 60 kph instead of 80 kph!!! It takes 5 sec to fix it.
  2. Codies doesn't bother with performance whatsoever, they copy pasting it from previous years (MB's best engine, Perez's outperforming RB, etc.). Why would they, if another fancy skins are on its way.
  3. SergeyKulish

    Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Aero - Question

    Or get the pitlate speed limit at Silverstone correct.
  4. SergeyKulish

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Bahrain, Adu Dhabi, Singapore all have lights on even in daylight!!!
  5. Current performance of the cars is Melbourne spec. Do you even watch how teams are evolved throughout the season in real F1?
  6. Let us know when it's ready, would you? Sadly with all these fixes, we won't be able to play MP.
  7. SergeyKulish

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Off-topic Discussion Thread

    @ SturmDesTodes One day Codemasters address all issues with the game. We'll hope and we'll wait, whole life is ahead.
  8. SergeyKulish

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    I think SC thing and next patch is going to be included in F1 2020.
  9. SergeyKulish

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    Patchnotes for 1.10: F2 2019.... and various bugfixes, without specifying what exactly was fixed.
  10. Affirm. I multiplied Williams' value 1.7 by 1.3, so the value became 2.21, all other values were modified the same way. Handling-wise the car was felt unrealistically fast and planted apart high speed corners.) I believe it needs testing a lot.
  11. Yep, I made Ferrari even less draggy (standard value for Ferrari is ~0.95, Merc 0.98, Williams ~1.07). As for wings, I used the same setup as before which is 3-3.
  12. Hi. Have you tried modify the game? I've encreased Ferrari's drag by 10 points, for test purposes.) So in Spa I was really fast on the straigts reaching 346 kph. But I didn't have much time to test it properly. There are a lot of things in data files to play with.) It would be awesome if anyone knows how to increase downforce by making cars planted in high speed corners only.
  13. SergeyKulish

    Do A.I. run always on Default Balanced setup ?

    Can I modify the values so that the Ferrari engine is most powerful of all? If yes, what do I need to change?