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  1. rooztek

    Additional tracks in F1 2020

    give the code to some moders, they'll have 3 done in a week.
  2. rooztek

    I can’t hide my frustration anymore

    To be honest codies has had this "feature" since TOCA 1, good driving but some times its just so stale and sterile.
  3. Feels really tight on some tracks, like i have at least one wheel inside or on the line and the lap gets wiped. Noticeable spots include the chicane before the back straight at Spain and the exit of the last braking corner before the back straight on Spa. One wheel inside is considered within limits? or need 2?
  4. Just had 3 races in a row online in a full lobby. Two 25% races and a 5 lapper... happy to report didn't even see a flash once during a race. So seems fixed to me so far. Thxs Stu.
  5. im downloading now will let you know, im actually nervous. Not if its fixed but nervous for what other new species of bugs will be released.
  6. isnt great we all get to pay to be beta testers, hang on that is to generous. Alpha testers. Not on you Barry, but as someone who has been gaming since the 90's the way quality control drops every year is quite staggering. Back in the day developers would actually beta test the games themselves.
  7. This has year could the buggiest ever, can expect it on PC a little due to all the variables but on fixed platforms? Its not like its some indie title, the game is basically 2019 anyway just with better handling and and my team mode. The menus, presentation and base platform hasn't really altered (unlike the last few years) so its strange to have all these issues.
  8. did the patch fix this for anyone? If you used to have this issue and its fixed post 1.5 can u post please. This patch didnt change anything for me, it wasnt mentioned in the notes either. :/
  9. even if we could just change the opacity in the config file would help. Does the message have a debug name? debugName="lng_hud_cust_central_message_system" type="8"/> whats that?
  10. rooztek

    This game is way too realistic!

    team radio fail :)
  11. I came here to plead to just make it top left only until a fix is found, as Vfour said its pointless that it blurs and darkens the whole screen. Is there any config files or something that PC players could edit?
  12. rooztek

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Any minimum hardware specs released yet? What operating systems will f12020 support?
  13. rooztek

    F1 2020 game release date

    We had testing, and have had all liveries. For sure should release it, just the lap times should be half a tenth to maybe 1 second quicker per lap, mix the mid field a little and bring Williams in. If any thing F1 2020 will have added exposure and can fill a void this year, look how much attention F1 2019 has had the last month or so. I reckon its a great opportunity, Its a chance for codies to step up to the next plate, improve online and tweak the handling ect. If they nail it could be a great year sales wise.
  14. I think steve jay needs to pull his head in. Most problems people have had like The "kicked for online cheating" or the 1008H: error were caused by stuff done on codies end. A patch change for issue one and a server change for the other issue I mentioned. When something works fine one day then not the next after something codies changed you can know straight away its not your own configuration. Honestly sound like an IT support pleb who tells you too "Restart your modem"