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  1. rooztek

    Error Code 1008:H Master Thread

    I already had the security patch but the HOtfix/easy fix sorted the issues for me win 7. But now I get pretty big screen freezes all the time when someone leaves or joins a lobby when im racing which again is pretty balls. Never used to get not sure is hot fix or latest patch...anyone else?>
  2. rooztek

    Error Code 1008:H Master Thread

    went to play F1 2019 yesterday on windows 7 and I have to been struck with this issue, still no good today. Played a couple of days after the last patch with no issues havent changed a thing on my end. Pretty Balls.
  3. Try a slower entry speed. IE brake earlier :/
  4. Still banned,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I guess we have to wait till next patch........................ this game is a mess online any way. F12018 had better net code, I hate the new license stat system. The one from 2018 where you can compare each others stats online was way more informative and not clumsy like now. Plus you dont have average finishing position any more
  5. Started having this problem since latest patch, never had before and dont use telemetry. Using a logitech wheel, AMD card and INtel cpu and chipset. Going to try do a few test today. My PC runs with very few process but i will get them bare bones as possible. Running win 7 so cant run dx12. Same error as every one else "you have been kicked for cheating" validated steam files too.
  6. rooztek


    Sure is good find. First thing difference i notice is the mirrors, HuD on the bottom right looks a bit different too looks very similar to 2018 handling wise.
  7. rooztek

    Game Suggestion - Tweaking Car Setups

    Yea Id like to see Ranked fixed set up lobbies too
  8. K done, Thxs codies team for the opportunity.