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  1. give the code to some moders, they'll have 3 done in a week.
  2. To be honest codies has had this "feature" since TOCA 1, good driving but some times its just so stale and sterile.
  3. Just had 3 races in a row online in a full lobby. Two 25% races and a 5 lapper... happy to report didn't even see a flash once during a race. So seems fixed to me so far. Thxs Stu.
  4. im downloading now will let you know, im actually nervous. Not if its fixed but nervous for what other new species of bugs will be released.
  5. did the patch fix this for anyone? If you used to have this issue and its fixed post 1.5 can u post please. This patch didnt change anything for me, it wasnt mentioned in the notes either. :/
  6. even if we could just change the opacity in the config file would help. Does the message have a debug name? debugName="lng_hud_cust_central_message_system" type="8"/> whats that?
  7. I came here to plead to just make it top left only until a fix is found, as Vfour said its pointless that it blurs and darkens the whole screen. Is there any config files or something that PC players could edit?
  8. yes sorry when I said sorted that meant it fix the 1008:h error. just now I get a frame freeze for 2-5 tenths every time someone joins or leaves mid race online. Never used to get them.
  9. I already had the security patch but the HOtfix/easy fix sorted the issues for me win 7. But now I get pretty big screen freezes all the time when someone leaves or joins a lobby when im racing which again is pretty balls. Never used to get not sure is hot fix or latest patch...anyone else?>
  10. went to play F1 2019 yesterday on windows 7 and I have to been struck with this issue, still no good today. Played a couple of days after the last patch with no issues havent changed a thing on my end. Pretty Balls.
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