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  1. Hi everyone, Quick question for people playing with a wheel and no assists. How do you deal with the total absence of front lock or wheel spin feedback? I just got a thrustmaster TX (playing F1 2019 on Xbox), and I used to play with the pad, no assists. I absolutely loved the vibrating triggers on the pad, telling you when you are applying too much accelaration or braking. I just switched to a wheel, hoping to get better lap times, but without feedback it's just terrible, spinning and locking everytime. I used to play at 90 AI, now I had to go back to 60. - Is it a bug? I mean why wouldn't they implement some kind of feedback directly in the wheel? That would do the trick - Did I just get a bad habit playing all those years with a pad? Should I just be patient and keep practicing until I can just "guess" the moment I'm going to lock or spin? Thank you guys for your feedback
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    Thrustmaster TX

    Hey. Using TX Wheel also. Don't know if this will help but here's my feedback so far :
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    No pedal feedback on wheel

    Well thanks all of you. Been practicing the whole week now using low ffb damper and trying to notice the small vibration it gives you. And yup, you definitely get valuable feedback on corners. What I miss from the pad is the feedback it gives you in straight lines, but with training you get used to it. I still suck a lot at race starts and rain races, but it is so much more enjoyable with the wheel I would never go back to the pad.