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  1. I had the AI difficulty on 101 too and I'm on my 3rd Season of My Team yet only tiny looses and little lockups I see the AI do but I haven't seen them do any divebomb overtakes which can go well or wrong depend on the corner, and going off topic I think the Safety Car in Career will only come out if there's a crash on the track and not the AI parks on the side of the track when they have car trouble to DNF, it makes my Career as stale as last year's game.
  2. I think the AI aren't making enough mistakes, all I see if losing slightly on corner exits and that's it, heck I get barely get Safety Car or VSC in My Team Career since the A.I had grown worse within each update and they never caused crashes on their own.
  3. I'm just enjoying the beauty of this McLaren while it's last before it'll eventually get updated. I still hate that the number font blends too much at the front of the car making it harder to see while at the back the font is white and clear to see.
  4. Using the the Tristar Default livery (since Venus Data Stripe isn't in this game) and it really fits, a blue car with black on the sides with a thin white stripe, really fits with racing the real life F1 teams. Also I named my team, Blu Racers Motorsport.
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