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  1. BluRacer7

    CE-34878-0 Problem

    Somehow it was the Save File that was causing the issue, it somehow got corrupt and had to start new. Can't believe this happened cause I was just gonna finish Career Mode all seasons, but that's not gonna happen. Not when F1 2019 comes around soon. Least my Online Rank is still here.
  2. BluRacer7

    CE-34878-0 Problem

    I tried to system reset my PS4, still didn't work, I can't get pass any loading screen.
  3. BluRacer7

    CE-34878-0 Problem

    Just recently my game F1 2018 started to crash on me, and it happened Online last week and Career Mode today when I'm about to start 10th and final season, I never got this happen to me until now, I don't know why it keeps doing this, it makes the game virtually unplayable, anyone know how to fix this or is this permanent cause this really brings me doubts for 2019 if this issue doesn't resolve?
  4. No word on the Safety Car/VSC not responding to Yellow Flags?