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    Driver Number.

    70 is my number since Raikkonen is still in F1 with my favourite number 7 as well as Bottas who has 77 so I went with the 3rd option, in 2019 I picked 75 since the fictional driver Devon Butler took my number. Glad 70 is back in 2020 for me to pick up.
  2. BluRacer7


    Using the the Tristar Default livery (since Venus Data Stripe isn't in this game) and it really fits, a blue car with black on the sides with a thin white stripe, really fits with racing the real life F1 teams. Also I named my team, Blu Racers Motorsport.
  3. BluRacer7

    End of Season Driver Transfers

    My 2nd Season of My Team, Raikkonnen retired and Hubert takes his seat, every driver line-up remains the same.
  4. BluRacer7

    v1.05 Patch Notes?

    Game just got updated and no patch notes yet, wondering what's changed?
  5. BluRacer7

    Multiplayer F1 2020 car numbers

    I wish there's a toggle option in the lobby settings to choose if you wanna use the real life driver numbers or your own multiplayer number when selecting any 2020 official car, that would be nice.
  6. It's not just that, my game sometimes crashes on long loading times (which codies need to fix even tho the amount of storage and content of the game is the reason the load times are long) and even in David Croft track introduction cutscenes the game crashes so this game is just in general having crash issues.
  7. With the Safety Car finally functional again, there's another feature that I'm sure others would like in F1 2020 is the ability to unlap yourself under the Safety Car like in real life since it would be a great thing for League Races for some drivers falling way behind and a lap down would use the Safety Car the opportunity to unlap yourself and get back on the game rather than hit the retire from race option when there's no hope in recovering from let's say a Lap 1 crash, etc?
  8. BluRacer7

    What is your driver number?

    You literally said the same thing I was gonna say.
  9. BluRacer7

    Epic Photo Mode shots

    I got a cool pic I wanna show, this was in one of my Ranked races before v1.12, in Monza I was struggling to catch the leaders in front and along the way I got too much contact with everyone around me and that cause my cause to get a ton of visual scratches on the sides and front wing, I was in 2nd trying to catch the leader but pushed too hard in the final corner and slide into the gravel but before I hit the wall I got this cool shot of me drifting in the gravel Tokyo Drift style (I still hit the wall but looks cool either way) and you get a good look of my car looking visually damage but that sums up every race in Monza in a nutshell lol. What you guys think, pretty cool shot, eh?
  10. Disclaimer: These races are all done in 50% race distance, plus this is a discussion on SEASON 3 ONLY. Welcome back, now i had been a bit slow in updating my Career Mode thread series because I was busy with other stuff but now that I'm back here's my Season 3, last time I drove for Williams and this season was start right after the performance update and the downforce update, this season I joined Red Bull and these driver swaps is insane with Hamilton and Ricciardo moved to Toro Rosso and Norris taking my place in Williams. Butler moved to Merc (bad move from him as you'll see in below) and Verstappen moved to Renault. This is insane change but made this season lot different. The R&D is already bad as many people pointed out but McLaren and Renault are already maxed out and by the end of the season Alfa Romeo, Toro Rosso and Williams are now maxed out but no Regulation change for Season 4 but hey at least lower teams got a time to shine at the front, mainly McLaren. The Championship was one sided since McLaren is the dominant force of Season 3 but Perez was really strong, took the title in Japan (drivers and constructors) and Magnessun was 2nd in the Championship until Verstappen strong performance in the last 5 races moved him to runner up spot, Renault was 2nd in the Constructors and Toro Rosso finished 3rd, the real loser of R&D is obviously Mercedes as they're very slow in developing and they scored very little points and Racing Point finished the season with no points. And for the season result, look here below, Perez won 11/21 races and I scored 1 win in Russia and I had to fight hard to earn that win in a midfield car, Verstappen was strong in the remaining races, Hamilton and Ricciardo were consistent while Ferrari were not, as you can see my teammate Gasly of course scored very little points (like irl lol) and I had to carry Red Bull to 5th in the Constructors, and here both Force India and even Grosjean didn't score a singe point. And that's my Season 3 Career Mode, what you all think of my Season and tell me what's your Season 3 and to put a little rant here as my proof to show that BUTLER AND WEBER ARE NOT OP, you lot are over-exaggerated and if CM do nerf them then you lot are to blame for making them uninteresting to race so stop complaining. Rant over, see you in Season 4
  11. Starting a series based on my Career Mode experience with only talking one season per topic so hope to share your experiences and for this I'm covering Season 1 ONLY. Disclaimer: This season runs 25% race distance. After F2 my first team for Season 1 is Toro Rosso with Albon as Teammate, Weber joined Alfa Romeo with Raikkonen and Butler in McLaren with Norris. Throughout Season 1 R&D, the Top 3 of course swapped around each other with Red Bull and Ferrari fighting for the best car while Mercedes dropped a little The Midfield is extremely tight, despite Renault being more consistent they build a bridge away from that scrap and catching the Top 3, Racing Point is the 5th best team for the rest of the season mid point until last race they dropped to 3rd worst car, Toro Rosso I had been lacking the upgrades since I been out of luck in terms of R&D spend and the regulation change I had to prioritize keeping the upgrades for next season. Now the actual Championship itself with Ferrari being more faster throughout no surprising they won the constructors with Vettel taking the Driver's title despite Hamilton had a strong first thrid of the season and Red Bull only had 2 wins each with Gasly winning in his home race in France and Verstappen winning in COTA and nearly took 4th in the championship from Bottas, Perez was best of the rest in F1.5 with Hulkenberg close behind. The top 3 teams stationed for the whole season but the midfield was very surprising, McLaren ended up last in Season 1 despite having good battles with Butler and Alfa Romeo climbed to 6th thanks to Weber. Haas hadn't scored since Hungary which dropped them down to 9th and often at the back of the field with me, Albon and McLaren. Williams were upgrading rapidly that led them to getting good amount of points with the highlight of being Kubica pitted under VSC in Baku and undercut everyone and hold on to finish in the points and Russell scored consistency. In terms of Driver changes there's only 1 change and it's at Japan with Kvyat replacing Weber at Alfa Romeo and Weber joining Williams replacing Kubica who had to let go. So if you're wondering how Alfa performed well because Weber scored almost all of their points but enough to hold on 6th thanks to Kvyat picking up where Weber left off and by partnering with Williams, Weber still scored for the remaining 5 races with them to secure 7th in the constructors. The only one who hadn't scored in Season 1 is Albon who was always at the back being nowhere near the points which led to me scoring all of Toro Rosso's points. That's how I summarize my Season 1 Career Mode so what are your's? Onward to Season 2!
  12. BluRacer7

    My Career Mode Summary: Season 1

    i got no Safety Cars once sadly, there's a few retirements of engine failures of A.I but no Safety Car ever comes out in my first Season.
  13. BluRacer7

    My Career Mode Summary: Season 1

    And with you now keeping a lot of R&D points when switching teams it's even faster, they might as well go to 2017's way of progression, yes it's painfully slow and won't shake up the field until Season 5 but with reg changes it's the perfect way to balance the R&D system.