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  1. Same-o same-o. It's been failing here and there, but nothing that could be fixed with a few tries. But now I got really stuck, and in a league that I've been waiting for weeks. Please have this fixed, but I mean for real this time. By the way, this is PC, not PSN.
  2. Played them both, one's definitely better than the other Oh you teaser!
  3. Oh I see... this will be the perfect year to practice my patience, for Project Cars 2 and specially this dark secret from the Codies... We simple mortals have to wait, oh well...
  4. I've been out of the forums too long and what I know is kinda outdated. Does anyone have an idea what this new game will be? My best guess is that the new game won't be released this year. I just hope there's an early access just as in DR
  5. Hi, I came here because I smelled pizzakebab-burgers, are there any left?
  6. DNF at the middle of stage 12: driveshaft lost. I'd like to have another run next to see If I can finish this. Please set it up again later on
  7. Great! I'll join when I get home.            
  8. Hi, can I join this league? My nickname is "Procver". I'll send the request if it is ok
  9. I'm happy he said carS, not car. More than one, great news!
  10. Well, at this point the most probable things that will be released on April are the all gravel Pikes Peak and the missing Renaults. Anything other than those is nothing more than a guess. In other words, we need stuff to gossip about xD Well I wouldn't have a problem with Renaults either! lol But this thread is running dry, we need @KickUp to throw as a bone!
  11. The Codies may have had time to get another license, like the 206? Body is 2 characters too sexy
  12. A special event where you have a battle with other player and you shoot chickens from your car!
  13. I believe it is the liveries                                                             
  14. Me likey!! I think I know what it will be! (not what I asked about, but nice nonetheless)
  15. This comment KickUp posted just made my day. My fears are now gone (at least for a good while)
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