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  1. HauptmannSeba

    Who is gonna start a new career after performance update?

    And? I think it's not your problem if i start it or not. What did you bring to discussion? What constructive feedback you give right here, hmm? I see more and more topics about driver transfers and how F1 community is not happy about bad implementation. If they care about their playerbase, they should give us option to turn-off driver trasfers. If they not, well it's not end of a world for me. I still have my share of fun driving custom races and I learned a lesson not to buy pre order from CM ever again.
  2. HauptmannSeba

    Who is gonna start a new career after performance update?

    I saw on reddit that in someone career, Hamilton got transferred from Merc that was best car on the grid to Renault 5th best car on the grid, while he was leading WDC by 40 points. I suppose he lost that championship. That is a big turn off for me. If they don't give us an option to turn off mid-season transfers it's a shame, but learning from my mistake, I'm not gonna pre-order CM game ever again. They never give us any info about driver transfers so I blindly pre ordered, thinking that this year career is gonna be the same as previous year, plus F2 feeder scenarios. And don't get me wrong, i think that driver transfers are good addition but badly implemented. If there was info about this i would wait couple of weeks after game launch to see how this work and then decide to buy a game or not. But well, my mistake.
  3. HauptmannSeba

    Who is gonna start a new career after performance update?

    I didn't start my career and i'm not gonna start until they give us option, to turn off mid-season transfers.
  4. HauptmannSeba

    Unrealistic simulation of quali

    It was the same in F1 2018, if you are out in Q1 or Q2, game simulates qualification based on original performance level. So if Ferrari is dead last in performance, in your career, but somehow make P15 in Q1 and you are P18 the grid in race gonna be like Ferrari on pole Mercedes second etc. The same is with tires, doesn't matter if Merc is fastest car, or struggle in midfield they are gonna try to go in Q1 or Q2 on Medium compound cuz that is how they are coded. Every year is the same, new game, the same unpatched problems, plus new one like broken racing line on wet tires or crazy transfers.
  5. HauptmannSeba

    [Issue] [PC] Can't choose career team mate

    I would like this back if it's possible. It was a nice option in previous games.
  6. HauptmannSeba

    The racing line is broken when using ABS

    Remember that all game mechanics have their own purpose. Racing line should always show properly where to brake cuz if i want to guess, where i should brake, i would never turn this on, right. If they wanted to make braking on ABS slower, with longer braking distance, its ok. But when i can't properly decelerate using in game mechanics, i call this a bug. Make braking slower, but make it fair for all users.
  7. HauptmannSeba

    Braking glitch on f1 2019

    Yep, my braking on wet tires looks just like that. On dry tires is not that bad, some corners are more difficult for me, compared to last year F1 Game but i can work on them more or less. But racing on the rain is just a death sentence for me right now. Anyway thanks for the video, I apreciate that.
  8. HauptmannSeba

    Braking glitch on f1 2019

    There is definitely something off with braking with ABS on. On dry tires is not that bad, car feels a little bit heavier but i can decelerate before corner, when i start braking on yellow marker in racing line. But the problem start with wet tires, cuz i can't decelerate at all if i start braking on yellow marker or little before. I understand that assist should make you slower, and I'm ok with that, cuz I only play single player modes, so i can adjust difficulty level. But racing line should at least properly show me, when i must start braking with wet tires. Right now, racing on the rain is impossible, for a filthy casual like me.
  9. HauptmannSeba

    [PC] Braking in the wet with ABS

    Yep, definitely something is off with braking on wet tires. I turned on all assist to check, if this can help somehow but no. I start braking on yellow marker but can't decelerate at all before corner. On the other hand, everything seems alright on dry tires. Someone from CM need to check this.