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  1. I'm sure this is a problem for many of us and I for one are getting quite fed up. Unranked lobbies, building a nice up a nice lead, just to have it all smashed to smithereens by some absolute muppet a lap down thinking they are playing CTR. I know this a problem for all racing games but surely it is an easy fix. Why not have a setting where you can enable lapped cars to ghost when approached by the leaders stopping them sending you to the shadow realm. And if you feel everyone in the lobby is trustworthy then you can turn it off. The number of times Ive been having a great battle for the lead just to have it ruined by these idiots is getting annoying and frankly puts me off playing the game. The second video doesn't work and can't delete it 😅 Backmarkerfail.mp4 lWiLkOl_F12019_20190727_07-45-39.mp4