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    F1 2019 30 days free according to F1.com?

    Either there has been a balls up in the activation of this or its a downright lie. The trial that lets you play F2 and Australian has been free for yonks and thats all we have so far
  2. I have been playing career mode driving for STR, I got a new contract after a few races to become no.1 driver then after a win and a podium from two interchangable weather races i got another contract negotiation after Hungaroring. At this one I tried my luck with Mercedes as they are falling down the pecking order. They agreed to sign me as their no.2 with very basic terms and I went off to do an invitational event. I ended up starting but quiting as had to go out, the next time I pick the game up the invitational loads up but afterwards no sign of the move to Mercedes. I take it this is a bug and/or it bugged out due to quitting during the invitational straight after signing the contract?