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  1. esdee85


    i know that the MGU-K gives them 160hp to the wheel. what i mean is, that they are already using some if not all of that energy before they press overtake. so they should only get some additional power to reach that 160hp from the K. The Overtake-mode keeps the K then from clipping at a certain point (for example towards the end of a straight). I think the overtake mode in real life is a bit more complex. From what i understand it also opens the wastegates, making the mgu-h spin the turbo + giving the ICE some extra power. I just feel like the boost you get in the game is a bit too much.
  2. esdee85


    And that maybe is the Problem....i dont know how realistic 160hp compared to Real Life is. You wouldnt see the scenario i discriped in real life. i dont know how much performanceboost would be realistic.
  3. esdee85


    I think one probleme is also, that the overtake-button is overpowerd. The AI is using it to defend, so even with rich mix, DRS and slipstream you cant overtake without using the overtake-mode. They were using it in 2019 as well to defend, but with the seemingly weaker slipstream this year its way to hard to overtake sometimes. In one race i (red bull) was overtaken by russel....i was using rich mix and had DRS (no overtake), he on the other hand had no DRS and no slipstream because he was alongside me and was just using Overtake....he was flying past me.
  4. The Engine seems like to play a big part in it. Top Speed can be enhanced by putting less Wing on the car, or having a less draggier car in general. When you look at the Difference in Laptimes to 2019, you will see that everyone got faster....except for Red Bull, who´s time was almost identical to last year and the 3 Ferrari-Engine Teams which got slower by quite a margin. https://www.instagram.com/p/CCOyNxqo295/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  5. esdee85

    Blinking rate of the Red Backlight, F1 20XX

    they changed the ERS-Lights blinking rate a few patches ago. But its still mostly wrong. right now in dry conditions the ERS-Lights are blinking when you are in ERS-Mode "0" , your Battery is under 10% or you used up the energy available for 1 Lap. Meaning when you are driving in Mode 1-5 with a Battery over 10% the lights are not blinking at all.