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  1. God, the Polish version is ****. Whlist it's slightly better voice-wise the translation is plain bad. "Distance" is translated as "odległość" wich means "distance to" instead of "lenght". "Stop by the marshal" is transformed into "marshal-induced pull-over". I know this localisation is not up to you though.
  2. Recommended specs are just that. My GTX 1060 6GB easily hits stable 60 FPS in 1440@ with details slightly lower than ultra. Is it good optimization though? Nah, I'd say it's more due to dated look.
  3. When it comes to RX I'm kinda pissed and disappointed that some cars and tracks are not in the base game. Could you imagine the shitstorm if CM released F1 2019 with only two thirds of the tracks and teams, leaving rest for a DLC? Man, I would love for rally games not to be so niche. OH MY GOD, FINALLY a glimpse into the settings. Temporal anti-aliasing confirmed. It gets even better. We can turn off: God raysChromatic aberrationBloomLens flareLens dustLight streaks (?)I'm fairly certain, that all those mediocre-looking gameplay are form PS4/Xbox versions. Here's me hoping that lowering SSR w
  4. They still don't care about interiors. RX cars have basically 0 detail and their interiors don't even loosely match IRL counterparts. Official license you say? 
  5. I think codies shown off a couple different versions of DR 2.0. In some previews there are only cubemaps when it comes to puddle reflections, in others (like in the Aston gameplay) there is full SSR everywhere. You can even see "night lighting" implemented in the Aston gameplay too. Xbox / PC differences?
  6. Wow, what happened to night-time real-time shadows that were in DR? Another downgrade? Will there be an option to enable them in PC version?
  7. Honestly now. What are the media outlets doing? no technical questions only stupid things like "what made you do it realistic" and such (well, D4 sold bad that's the obvious reason). Nobody mentions dated graphics, bad night-time lighting model, nobody cares about the underlying tech. To this day, nobody asked about number of variables that are involved in tire physics for example. Is it still going to be just DX11 with bad multi-threading? Triple-monitor suport with separate renderers?
  8. Maybe they still could do something to improve those puddles? Like apply some form of transparency after SSR? It just looks like there are mirrors everywhere. And night footage is just bad. Cars glow and look far worse than in DR. Lighting glitch in preview build? Maybe some issues with Xbox version as I don't think think they would lower the details when showing off PC version (you can see that reflections are actually updated at half the framerate).
  9. 1. 1995 subaru looks very artificial. It somehow glows in the dark. looks like UE game circa 2005. 2. Graphics have that dated feel. I can't quite put it into words but it just doesn't look 2019 IMO. and the SSR in Michigan are overbearing.
  10. Saying that stuff is new because DR 2.0 somehow isn't a sequel to D4 is just the kid of bullcrap they want you to believe. I don't think that anyone should be happy to hear about DLC before the game even launches but due to current gaming climate, it somehow sounds good compared to lootbox stuff. Thing is, just because something is less predatory and shitty, doesn't mean it's fine. Nothing is being gated - 3 RX circuits, group B RX, two rally locations and some Rally cars. Do you honestly think that those aren't like 80% done already?
  11. It makes all the sense. It's content that was previously available being gated off behind a paywall. it's not like they have SO MUCH work if they can't bo bothered to make EGO really modern. It's high time to adapt some proper multi-threading, async compute (DX 12 / Vulkan) and newer AA. These two videos accurately sum up what's happening in "simracing" genre. The first one is just like the situation with Group B RX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21rU8eL6f8k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qbbgVZObW8
  12. That's frankly a load of ****. Games are universally selling more than they have in the past, and even at the $60 price point they're still getting more than the return of investment. This whole DLC process is "How little can we make them pay $60 for, and then charge for what should've been included?" Battlefield V has far less content than any of the previous games, maybe minus the spin-off Hardline, and the very limited BF1. Then people give them excuses and say "well it'll be better later when you buy EVERYTHING because they aren't making enough when they make $500 million in a week." It's
  13. I just hope that codies will finally support DX12 or even better - Vulkan. This + some more AA techniques as SMAA and Temporal AA. 
  14. Poland: 1. We're not afraid to make a difficult game -> widens the stage. 2. The same problem that happend to wales in D4. It's not green enough. What's with the yellowish foliage hue?
  15. Just from the stream: there won't be any snow location on launch but it *might* appear in a DLC.
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