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  1. LeeNel1988

    Speed force racing ps4 2019 game sign ups

    We are still looking for just a few more drivers to fill our gp4 division ( all other of our 3 divisions are now full). Our gp4 division is primarily for new drivers to the game and for drivers who are still building on thier pace and want to league race 🙂. If interested please either message me through this forum or directly on psn username leenel1988, thanks everyone
  2. LeeNel1988

    Speed force racing ps4 2019 game sign ups

    Due to growing numbers we are now opening a gp4 division, we only have 10 spaces left throughout all 4 of our divisions, we cater for novice drivers all the way up to experienced drivers
  3. As title says we are currently looking for a streamer/commentator for monday nights as our league is growing once again (4 divisions). The streamer/ commentator if you chose or would like to do so can also race in one of our other 3 divisions ( pace depending). We are a uk based league with our streams starting at 7.30pm. Any interested parties please comment here or message me directly on psn leenel1988 🙂
  4. LeeNel1988

    Looking to join a Wednesday League.

    That's a shame, we race on the ps4 🙁
  5. LeeNel1988

    Looking for beginners League

    I've private messaged you buddy
  6. LeeNel1988

    Looking to join a Wednesday League.

    For what platform? Ps4, xbox or pc buddy?
  7. LeeNel1988

    Looking for PS4 league on Mondays or Tuesdays nights.

    Messaged you buddy
  8. LeeNel1988

    Speed force racing ps4 2019 game sign ups

    Sorry buddy i don't know of any us based leagues, hope you have luck in finding one 🙂.
  9. LeeNel1988

    Speed force racing ps4 2019 game sign ups

    This is a link to one of our live streamed races
  10. LeeNel1988

    Looking for PS4 league on Mondays or Tuesdays nights.

    Hi, we have a Tuesday league but we are based in the uk so not sure if our timings would work for you or not
  11. Here at sfr we are now recruiting drivers for the 2019 game. We will have 3 divisions for various skill levelled drivers, races will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at 7.30pm uk time. All races are live streamed with commentary, this will be our 5th season of racing. We are open to new drivers of the game all the way to very skilled drivers. Please message our facebook page or me directly psn- sfr_leenel88 if interested. Thanks guys
  12. 3 spots left in gp3, 4 spots left in gp2 and 2 spots left in our fastest division. Only 3 weeks untill the start of season 4 so be quick to sign up before the start of next season 🙂
  13. LeeNel1988

    Ps4 streamer/ commentator required

    At sfr we will be expanding for season 4 and will require more commentators for our two new divisions, if like our current commentator you love talking ( sorry jb 😂) please send me a message to pns leenel1988 🙂
  14. Here at sfr we are expanding for season 4 which will start in 5-6 weeks. We are now recruiting for the new f3 and f4 divisions which at the moment are already half full. These divisions are being made for new drivers who may be new to the game and want to get into league racing and people who have already played the game but may struggle with faster divisions. F3 division will take place on Tuesday nights at 19.30 gmt and out f4 division will take place on monday nights 19.30 gmt. If any drivers are interested please message me on psn leenel1988 🙂
  15. Looking for various skilled drivers to fill the remaining spots in our gp2 and premier divisions. This is our 3rd season with live stream and commentary, we race on Wednesday nights, 50% distance, assists aloud in both divisions. If any of you guys are interested please comment or message me on psn. Psn: leenel1988