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  1. MiXA28

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    Grid editor There absolutely has to be a customizable driver and team grid in F1 2019. You should be able to change every single driver's name and game face. There should also be scanned faces of F2 and F3 drivers so that you can for example put someone like de Vries in a McLaren (just an example) by changing the name of let's say Carlos Sainz and changing his game face. In the "drivar avatars" option when you pick your avatar in career mode, it should also work like that for the grid editor. There should be a custom avatar/official avatar(f1,f2,f3) option. This would be the easiest way to get around copyright, because of no driver transfers.
  2. MiXA28

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    "Scenario Mode" -Custom scenario modes which are able to be played at free will, not just every weekend on that race and such. Scenarios like changing history: For example: -You're driving Ayrton Senna's 1989 McLaren at the 1989 Japanese GP at Suzuka and your goal is to catch Prost for the last 10 laps to win the race and keep the championship alive. -You're driving Juan Manuel Fangio's Maseratti 1957 at the Nürburgring and you're trying to catch the two Ferrari's with a 40 second deficit after your slow pitstop for the last 10 laps. -You're driving Jacques Villenueve's 1997 Williams at the 1997 European GP at Jerez and after your final pitstop you have about 20 laps to catch Michael Schumacher and win the race and with it the championship. -You're driving Lewis Hamilton's 2008 McLaren at Interlagos (2008 Brazilian GP) with fresh wet tyres. Felipe Massa, your championship rival, is leading the race. After the bad run out of the final corner with the final 2 laps to go, the Toro Rosso overtakes you. Can you overtake some of the cars ahead which stayed out on dry tyres to take back that fifth spot and with it, the championship? What do you think of this idea?
  3. MiXA28

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    1.  "Career Community Stewarding/Overwatch" (Based off CSGO Overwatch) -A game mode in which the community decide which driver should get penalised for certain incidents in the career mode. As soon as the game indicates an incident in someone's career mode game, that incident will be looked into by the community itself. This can also include only AI driver's incidents. This would only work in career mode and (maybe) online. A player will have the option to disable this feature in his/her career mode, athough enabling it will add realism to the game greatly, as if a real steward is judging an incident. The community players/stewards can also be rewarded with certain things.