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  1. 39 minutes ago, AlexSpartan316 said:

    @PJTierney we need replay mode for dirt fish 😟

    It was already confirmed by our resident replay expert that this won't be possible due to the tracks needing triggers for different cameras so the system wouldn't work for a freeroam area. Sorry to bear bad news :classic_unsure:

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  2. Hes also fairly active on Discord and Steam too. It's a wonderful change!

    Sad to see no mention of the complete sound cut-outs in the audio fixes yet. They're much less common now, though.

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  3. 2 hours ago, nukeded said:

    I just noticed this myself on pc. Happens every stage and event without fail. And it doesn't effect your tire change usage. I can tell the game is putting soft on because of the grip. So essentially I'm getting unlimited tire changes. Not complaining in the mean time lol.

    I noticed this too. Forgot to mention it!

  4. Seriously guys.

    No VR again? in 2019?

    Is there triple support at least or did you just make a game to be played on a sofa in front of a big screen tv with controller.

    So disappointing. Still play Dirt Rally. This will be a no buy.

    Which is a total shame as there are no real rally sims in the sim racing world.

    You added support to Dirt Rally when VR was not that popular and now that it's growing you don't care to add it to any of your titles.


    "“We're focusing on making the core game experience before launch - and after that, if there is demand from our community, then we'll explore the possibility,”

    Won't hold my breath, and will definitely skip this one.

    Change the name, it's not a Dirt Rally sequel...

    Why do you VR users believe you're a priority when you're less than 1%?