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  1. GhostDraken

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Will season three be mid april? Or will it be delayed because of the apocalypse?
  2. Car setups in private lobbies???
  3. @ChrisGrovesMCM I honestly am appalled at the lack of attention to this issue. Tell us if it was intentional or a mistake.
  4. GhostDraken

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    Please give us the ability to set up our car in multiplayer lobbies!!! The reason you need to allow car setups is to make all the cars ( Codemasters paid for ) able to fight one another in varying conditions. As it stands you you've made cars in categories obsolete without being able to set them up. And to make matters worse I like playing without assists and I will lose to someone who has assists on without being able to set up my car. Everyone in the community want's this, you don't have to take my word for it ASK THEM!
  5. GhostDraken

    Latest on community-requested multiplayer changes

    Everyone wants car setups, and a dedicated time trial without cars to draft off of as well as full damage.