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  1. President2Salty

    Squeeze noise when going fast

    I have a problem with the sound when im going over 250 km/h. I begins to make a squeeze noise like a heavy wind or something like that. It's really annoying and it's doing so I nearly can't hear the car. I have looked in the settings but i couldn't find anything. Hope you guys have an fix for it
  2. President2Salty

    My game crashes

    Wauw, you are a genius. It worked!! Thanks a lot
  3. President2Salty

    My game crashes

    Hey CF86BR Ya, i found that you could do that instead. But thanks for the reply. I will see if the steam overlay play a role in it
  4. President2Salty

    My game crashes

    Hi Faya Sorry for not mention the game. Im talking about the new f1 2019
  5. President2Salty

    Issue with Nvidia Driver Update

    Hey I have kind a the same issue. Im using a 1060 gtx 6 gb and i have also update the nvidia drivers to the newest version 430.86. But there is happening the same where the game crases after the starup intro. But i find out that if you open it from steam with dx 11 it will work.
  6. President2Salty

    My game crashes

    Hello I have just bought the game and update nvidia driver. I started the game very happy and when I came to where it says "press any button" the game crashs out of nowhere. I can't find anything about it. Hope somebody can help me