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  1. I think I found the real life Argentina stage.


    Go to 22:03 and see the "One Left tightens Hairpin Left"


    Now, go to 2:15 and see the hairpin left from that footage.

    I followed the footage for one minute before the camera angle in that Loeb footage started nauseating me (weird camera angle). So I am fairly certain that that is the stage.

  2. Aaa1981 said:
    Myself think the best game is dirt rally , even hardcore etc, but the physics there top . There was a hope that will continue and judging by the video this is the same slag and dirt 4 ! On YouTube posted the gameplay of the rally cross with a view from 3 persons, and then the fears were confirmed . Look at the wretched work of the suspension!!! Machine as wood , especially when landing , do not have that smoothness that was . It looks like squalor and crafts like wrc. Disappointed to say the least ...

    The entire "gravity" setting in Dirt Rally was way off. Granted it gave us some really nice oversteering capability, but on bumpy rally and rallycross roads, if you keep "going light" and losing control of the car over every small bump, its very difficult to enjoy the game.

    So even though Dirt 4 was a mixed bag, I really couldn't go back to the other worldly gravity of Dirt Rally. Dirt Rally had a LOT to improve in the physics, and I think most of it is being addressed in the footage we are seeing so far of 2.0 

  3. This is great, from the length of the footage I'm seeing, its going to be 15-ish kms for the New Zealand stage. Also, those signature cambers are present too.

    It does look a little bit like Australia from D4 though, so I wonder what Australia in this game looks like.

    Also, from the co-driver voice, I guess that leaked picture of Phil Mills was right, seems to be him co-driving.