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    Crash F1 2019 DIRECTX 12

    Oh that makes sense @steviejay69 - so you're saying that DX12 is the default option for Windows 10 users? I don't believe that was the case with F1 2018.
  2. JoshuaKM1

    Crash F1 2019 DIRECTX 12

    How do you play the game in DX 12? I believe I only have the option to load the game in DX 11.
  3. Hey everyone, I'm a recent gaming convert from XBox One X to PC for sim racing. I purchased a gaming PC from NZXT with a 2080 GPU and I'm just blown away by its ability to render outstanding graphics in AAA titles (not just sim racing) & by the overall smoothness of gameplay with 120 FPS. Now that the F1 franchise has been cast in the spotlight in terms of e-sports and is gaining in popularity I was wondering if Codemasters had any plans to make the game really shine and take advantage of the newer generation of GPUs. I am not naive and I realize that the bread & butter in terms of annual revenue comes from console gaming but it seems like the PC would be the best place to really showcase a premier edition of the game. The current graphics are certainly ok but they don't really do justice to a the sport in terms of overall realism... especially in terms of character rendering. I'm such a diehard F1 fan that I'll buy the F1 game every year but I'm crossing my fingers that we see major improvements in F1 2019 and beyond.