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  1. Hey everyone,


    I'm a recent gaming convert from XBox One X to PC for sim racing.  I purchased a gaming PC from NZXT with a 2080 GPU and I'm just blown away by its ability to render outstanding graphics in AAA titles (not just sim racing) & by the overall smoothness of gameplay with 120 FPS.  Now that the F1 franchise has been cast in the spotlight in terms of e-sports and is gaining in popularity I was wondering if Codemasters had any plans to make the game really shine and take advantage of the newer generation of GPUs.  I am not naive and I realize that the bread & butter in terms of annual revenue comes from console gaming but it seems like the PC would be the best place to really showcase a premier edition of the game.  The current graphics are certainly ok but they don't really do justice to a the sport in terms of overall realism... especially in terms of character rendering.   I'm such a diehard F1 fan that I'll buy the F1 game every year but I'm crossing my fingers that we see major improvements in F1 2019 and beyond.  

  2. Hi,

    I have a brand new gaming PC with an NVIDIA GEFORCE 2080 GPU and an Intel i7 8700k and F1 2018 repeatedly crashes under DX11 with the following error message: "the D3D device has been removed.  Try updating your drivers or change graphics texture settings."

    I spoke to NVIDIA and tried re-installing all drivers and the game still crashes.  I read on the Steam forum that it's worth trying the new DX12 beta so I downloaded it last night and so far the game is running smoothly with no crashes.  The only problem is that the game's graphics are significantly worse with notable pixelation and other issues.  Is there a way to optimize the graphics in DX12 so it looks equivalent to the DX11 version?  I have the game optimized in the GEFORCE experience app.

    Thank you!!