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  1. I also shared that pain in DR, I shall give it a go and see what its like but I'm pretty sure it is much more like this now. It finished its arc rather than just gaining that grip out of nowhere. I will try and give it a go this evening unless someone else wants to try it. Please do!  Also are you allowed to show any footage, or lifted embargo only included VW/New Zealand footage from press meeting?
  2. Better how? :smiley: Maybe they can lock wheels when applying full brakes on high speed, and don't have ridiculous (mainly) lateral grip, also now they seem to take more than two seconds and 100 m to stop from 100km/h to 0km/h on all surfaces (sic! was measured by community in DR4). Fortunately judging from gameplay it seems DR2.0 is going to be a true improvement indeed, and I am super happy about it!
  3. Because it is easier to see when it is about to reach a cut off value. BTW airplanes sometimes used the same layout back in steam gauges era (so you could spot that one of gauges shows values that are out of the order).
  4. You know I am the last person to defend this, but this is exactly what happens in FWD cars. Nothing to worry here, also leaked Audi footage shows AWD seems to behave really well.
  5. First gameplays look great! Cars have weight, off throttle sliding is present (again- inertia, duh), Phil's voice sounds amazing- Codies are really the only company that can do a proper codriver audio- Phil has a very distinctive way of reading notes, you can hear microphone distortion just as in onboards. Remembering WRC's or Vrally's codrivers hurs LOL. Can't wait to see AWD and RWD footage, also interview with Ross was really interesting, he mentioned few things we were trying to get across in Physics discussion topic. BTW any way to know why my account SamRWD was banned couple days before
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