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  1. I like to play the races with 100% distance, for reasons of time I had to change to 50% distance, and I noticed that when we reduced the distance of the race, the car doesn't leave with a full tank, it leaves with a full tank of fuel for 50% of the run. I think it would be very nice to increase the fuel consumption for the car to leave with a full tank in races of shorter distances, this would simulate the weight of the car and its performance evolution as the car gets lighter, this feeling is very cool and brings more realism, but only those who play 100% of distance feel this, because there
  2. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll take them into consideration. I also didn't know the game level had been raised, was this said by Codemasters?
  3. I had the same problem, my performance dropped absurdly, everything was green, when I stopped in the pits my wing was changed.
  4. I always play the races with distance at 100% and it's really irritating this fuel issue, there's something wrong for sure, I just played 100% monaco and with a +7 lap fuel tank I wasn't able to complete the race, fuel 1 lap is over before the end of the race, to not be able to change the fuel the forecast has to be more accurate, or else to be able to use the lean mixture to save, in real F1 we do not see drivers not finishing a race due to lack of fuel.
  5. For me f1 2021 was a disappointment, I'm a sport lover and I've been playing Formula 1 for over 20 years, this was undoubtedly the game that disappointed me the most, they changed the physics and they were horrible, the car is completely unbalanced, no matter what. that you change the settings or the style of driving, nothing stops the car from going out of the way, other than that it runs for nothing, exiting the Monaco tunnel, 7 gear, rear wing 11, with 50% active acceleration, the car still runs , this is unbelievable, a curve where you turn the steering wheel 10 degrees, ridiculous the phy
  6. Understood, thank you very much for the explanation. I didn't know that fuel modes had been banned. Now the game looks a lot harder than last year, especially the ratings, I still don't know why it's so much harder, but I'll work on the car settings. I'm playing with the same settings as the f1 2020 IA 100, aids all off.
  7. problem Rich fuel mixture doesn't work, you can't change to rich, just low and medium, this is making it perform very poorly, especially in the qualifiers, where the AI seems to work with rich, it's causing an imbalance between the players. and the AI, it's impossible to do good qualifiers, the level seems very unbalanced to me, I played F1 2020 and managed to do good qualifiers, now in F1 2021 I don't. my settings PC game via Steam standard version patch 1.04. G29 steering wheel. career game mode. This problem happens all the time.
  8. thanks. Follows the requested file, it is compressed in .zip format. Awaiting return. remote.zip
  9. I don't know how I could send the save game to you, please check if it is one of these files, if not, please explain how to send it. thanks. gamedatabases.bin
  10. DxDiag my computer. The Graphics card is a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
  11. I play my team on the computer via Steam with the Logitech G29 steering wheel. All assistance turned off and Patch 1.13. I play at level 100, the lap times in qualifying sessions are inconsistent with the game level, artificial intelligence is much faster than it should be, I lose to the teammate always for more than 1 second, and in the race, the level seems to drop and I manage to overtake everyone and win the race. Impossible to take pole I am always in seventh place but in the race, I always recover, I have the best car on the grid at the time of my career and qualifying is very diffic
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