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  1. Definitely seems like one of the WRC games, since the steering wheel and interior are a pretty striking match for the Ford.
  2. Well I sure hope Loops can make into Dirt Rally 2.0 some point soon in the game's lifespan, because that is the dream right there. I'll give all the money for that plus additional stages and additional locations.
  3. 495.61 is such an unround number, so better round it up to an even 500 kilometres. Haha.
  4. Oh hey, what would you know. That Australia footage from 8:25 onwards is a little like Muresk (2002) in how it has multiple bunny hops going up an ascent into a cattle grid. Not exactly fully faithful to the real life stage though as the cattle grid is the final jump in real-life, Colin landed the car awkwardly that year and screwed the radiator. Wonder if it has been asphalted in places and stuff since 2002, because it was practically all gravel back then on the footage. My search to try and pinpoint Australia stages goes on...
  5. As much as I want the Australian event to be based on the old Telstra Rally Australia around Perth, Western Australia from what I've seen of the locale so far I'd be flying over to England to ask Codemasters how they can go to all the trouble of recreating Spain and Poland so accurately and yet fail to represent so much of WA's local flora. I should be able to recognise if the stages are in my state just from the environments, and while the stages have some familiar aspects to them they're pretty broadly "Australian" rather than "West Australian" so far.
  6. Ask and you shall receive apparently. We have some ingame Aston Martin footage and sounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDmUZXS1oGY
  7. It is a possibility, but the mix of gravel and asphalt surfaces in-game matches the real-life Monaro Stages Rally's mix of gravel and asphalt. Additionally, the skybox, fauna, fences, obstacles (mention of bridges) and such also happen to be a pretty decent representation of those you would find in the Monaro Stages Rally. Plus it doesn't come with the problem of being a current or former FIA WRC event, which makes it more likely to be a correct location name. That's just my opinion for now though, I'm going to keep on digging.
  8. Unfortunately I can't tell you guys if any parts of the DR2.0 Australian stages are based on real-life stages since NSW rallying is little out my knowledge area, lot more knowledgeable on my local WA rallies. However, I can probably at least give you the likely real-life inspiration behind the choice of locale, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ9Z_Hy4Icc
  9. Thanks for the P1TV video link, I managed to snag some information on the Australian rally for DR2.0 thanks to some amazing split second video pausing skills.
  10. Gah, I need more footage of the Australian stages. Codies is doing me an uncanny valley here, the gravel surfaces are starting to look rather similar to some places I know. Beginning more and more to remind me of home.
  11. A lot of it makes me think of Millstream-Chichester, which then makes me nostalgically sigh. Ah, mentioning that sure brings back some childhood memories. Unfortunately I haven't had the opportunity to get quite that far north again in WA for a while. The Pilbara and Kimberley regions of the state can be quite magical though, well recommend anyone taking the time to visit them. Have fortunately been among the Perth Hills and Wheatbelt more recently though when I'm not in the city, so pretty familiar with that landscape and its seasonal variations. Which when it is summer pretty much cons
  12. Oh boy, what I wouldn't give to have Rally Australia's old Western Australia (Perth and surrounding areas) location in the game. That would be a real treat considering I grew up here. My first thought on seeing that photo was Australia as well upon seeing the fences, skybox and dryness of the environment. I wouldn't be able to give you an exact location though if it is Australia though because the trees are sending me for a loop at the moment since they don't immediately look like anything uniquely "West Aussie" currently. Plus the road surface initially looks a bit too sandy my liking for the
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