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    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    SUGGESTIONS:Bold=ones i think are important-Have your own team that you manage that competes in a rally competition (this would be the campaign)-create your own livery yourself using a editor (a proper one CM >:( ) and wheel colour editor -Hire drivers for your team-you buy cars for your team and sponsors and winning rallies make you money-Irish rallies!!, we over here in Ireland love rallying its the most popular motorsport here and our rallies are brilliant,tight roads sharp corners there isn't a single bit of flat road here xD it confuses me why this hasn't been added!  -have a garage menu like GRID -Map editor (create your own maps)-get rid of this each race your a different team thing :/ (in campaign/dirt tour)-Online championships -Free maps please!!!! (CodeMasters free DLC=more people like you=more people buy your other games=more money)