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  1. Not only the handling but also proper car sounds, although it improved a bit from one game to another in the WRC series, nothing comes close to the Dirt Rally games when it comes to car sounds.
  2. Very nice work I'd install that skin in my game if it were to be released
  3. No there is no new spec and there is no reason at all for you to become so aggressive, the only things you talk about are different lettering and roof scoop but as I explained before the roof scoop is not new, it's the same on both versions of the Fabia R5, only a test car of the Evo model had a different roof scoop. And about your lettering argument, just read this article then from Skoda Motorsport themselves. "In line with the new FIA terminology, the ŠKODA FABIA R5 evo has been renamed ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo," "This change, initiated by the FIA, is a purely formal decision,
  4. there is no new (3rd model) spec car, it is the Evo model that is already in the game. the original Fabia R5 debuted in 2015 and the Evo model debuted last year (2019). the most visible difference between both cars are the headlights (Evo has flat bottom), both sides of the front bumper are a bit different and the front grille (height), the roof scoop u talk about is the same on both versions of the car (original & Evo), see picture below: the version of the Evo in DR2 indeed has a different roof scoop, but that will probably be because they licensed a test version of
  5. the Fabia R5 Evo is already in the game
  6. actually just found another video that shows the complete car list
  7. So the 1999 Toyota Corolla WRC has been announced a while already as preorder bonus in the deluxe edition. Found some gameplay videos of 2 other older WRC cars that apparently will be available in WRC 9 Citroën Xsara WRC 2005 Ford Focus WRC 2007
  8. WRC9 preorders will get the 1999 Toyota Corolla WRC car as (one of the) bonuses. https://www.wrc.com/en/news/season-2020/esports/big-bonuses-highlight-wrc-9-pre-release/
  9. Real works group A evo's are incredibly hard to find now, Ralliart themselves destroyed a lot of their works cars a long time ago.
  10. Is that a bug that in those 3 screenshots of the 206 WRC that the rear tyres are sunk into the ground?
  11. if they could really improve the engine sounds this time, that would be the best thing they could do to get even more people to buy it. I didn't buy it because of that
  12. L555BAT here's the complete documentary for those who want to watch it (again) http://www.wrchd.com/racing-legends-colin-mcrae-documentary/
  13. 20km+ stages would be nice to have again like 1995 RAC Rally Championship & Mobil 1 Rally Championship 2000 had.
  14. Rally Sweden is just one big joke this year, they should've just cancelled the whole event instead of letting it go through with like half of the stages and still having to cancel more stages due to the weather. Or at least adjust the point scoring system and only go for half the points like in their own FIA rules.... Only 1 stage tomorrow then.... "UPDATE REGARDING SUNDAY'S ITINERARY Due to changing weather conditions and to protect the road for the rally-closing Wolf Power Stage, Sunday's itinerary has been amended. The first pass through SS17 Likenäs 1 will not take place
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