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  1. I feel harsh for saying this, but a little disappointed that one of the other cars for the class will be another Focus as it sort of implies to me that they're having difficulty with a few more manufacturers.
    Or it could also be that their relationship with Ford is so good that they might have no trouble at all getting extra cars from them to add to the game.

  2. tbtstt said:
    sqdstr said:
    I'm sure @gfrally and @tbtstt will like this one. 


    Will the antilag bangs also be integrated properly? if so then the car would be perfect :)

    If we could get that sound in the game, hell I'll never drive another car!!! :)

  3. Maybe some ERC rally locations instead of always the same WRC ones?
    Would be nice to see Ypres Rally in a rally game for once :)

    Kemmelberg 2014:

    Kemmelberg 2015: